Curlee Girlee’s hair isn’t like everyone else’s…

… and she’s on a mission to straighten that out, ASAP. Snuggle up with your favorite little girl and get lost in Curlee Girlee’s colorful adventures as she combs, tugs, rolls, and strawberry syrups her way through the day, trying to tame her wild mane! In the end, she’ll discover an exciting secret that just might change the way she sees her hair—and teach your little one a forever lesson on embracing her beautiful uniqueness.


Our Mission: Confidence grows from head to toe.

Curlee Girlee teaches all little girls to love the gifts that make them special, from curly hair like hers, to freckles, gap teeth and beyond. Too often and too early in their lives, girls are told that “beauty” has just one definition, and that anything else is unwanted. Curlee Girlee carries the message to even the youngest girls that “pretty” takes all forms, and ultimate beauty starts with self-love, confidence, and embracing uniqueness. Together with her, we can set a foundation for a new generation of stronger, bolder women, whose beauty radiates from the inside out.