Curlee Girlee

The Curlee Girlee book series was inspired by author, Atara Twersky’s young daughter and written for all young curly girls in an effort to ensure they love and embrace their natural hair so that they will become the women they are meant to be understanding that their hair is part of who they are and part of a greater legacy they share with those who came before them.

Curlee Girlee has sparked a movement and Atara is now the Host of a popular podcast, click here to listen to inspiring episodes!

Atara Twersky


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Do you have a young Curly girl in your life?! This book is a MUST-HAVE for curly haired children of all ages!

Curlee Girlee’s Day at the Salon

What is your curl type?

Discover the Ancestry of YOUR Hair

Our hair is not just what grows on our head it is one of our defining characteristics that women often feel can define their sense of self.  Having a “bad hair day” can become more than just about one’s hair.  But what if we began to teach ourselves and our children that our hair actually connects us to those who came before us and will ultimately connect our children back to us.  When the legacy of your hair becomes more than just something we wear on our head we can begin to really love and accept ourselves with pride and confidence. Discover your hair ancestry and join us in the journey to changing the coarse of curly hair.



Changing the Course Podcast

Changing the Course with Atara Twersky 

Changing the Course, with Atara is a podcast for anyone who sees the world in multi-colors and varied dimensions. Atara is founder of the Curly girl movement, author of the Curlee Girlee book series-and owner of and her podcast mission is to bring interesting, newsworthy and current topics to the forefront with dynamic guests who help us to change the way we see things and open our world to new ideas. For parents, grandparents and anyone else who may wish to take the road less traveled and understand how doing so can actually make a difference.


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vmdmom, 08/31/2020

Wonderful podcast

I love this podcast! Atara is wonderful and a delight to listen to. She is truly able to make her listeners feels like she’s including them in the conversation. And such great conversations! I love the variety of interests and important topics that she covers on the podcast – great for me as a busy mom.

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

CaliGal44, 09/27/2019

So Great for All Parents!

Love this podcast! Atara and Grace are so engaging and the information they share is essential for parents! A must listen!

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

The Doser, 09/19/2019


Great info. This podcast will help me with my curlee girlee. Love it!

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Jhonsontheboss, 09/14/2019


Truly great podcast,Can’t say anymore about this podcast.

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

Adamclickssoc, 11/21/2019

Awesome podcast!!

I listen to this podcast. This is very nice and awesome podcast. Love it!!!


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