5 Techniques for Tying Shoes for Kids with a video tutorial by Curlee Girlee

Tying shoes for kids is a process we all go through when we’re younger. Some may find it more difficult than others to learn; I know, in an effort to avoid the embarrassment of not knowing how to tie my shoes, I became partial to Velcro shoes for most of my elementary school years. So here are five simple and easy techniques to help your curly girl learn to tie her shoes!


1. The Beginner’s Knot (The One Loop Method)

This technique is one of the most common ways to tie your laces, and it is also one of the easiest to learn, so it’s no wonder it is often referred to as the “beginner’s knot.” To begin, take one lace in each hand and pull to tighten. Make sure your child is comfortable but the laces aren’t loose enough that their shoe will come off while walking, running, or playing. Like with most methods, cross the laces to make an X, then tuck one lace beneath the cross to make a knot and pull to tighten. Create a loop with one of the laces by bringing the plastic end of the down to where the lace meets the shoe and pinch the lace together so it doesn’t come undone. Take the second lace and loop it around the first, right where your fingers are pinching the loop together. Pull this second lace under itself, and continue to pull, the laces will tighten and create two tight loops. That’s it! Might sound a bit confusing to read, but don’t worry! Here is a fun song to listen to that goes through the steps and makes it easy for children to understand and remember. You may also consider buying a model shoe to allow children to practice on. This shoe model is an excellent choice that keeps things simple. We also recommend this teddy bear; it turns learning to tie your shoes into a fun interactive activity with a new stuffed friend to encourage your child the whole time!

2. Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears is another common method for easy shoe-tying and was my preferred method when I was learning. This technique begins as most techniques do: first, pull the laces tightly, but comfortably, and create an X. Bend one lace over the intersection of the X and underneath, then pull to tighten the knot. Then create a loop with each lace by taking the end and bending it over to the other end where the lace meets the shoe, just like with the One Loop method, but now do it with both laces. Then cross them over each other to create another X, or more like a sideways 8, then tuck one of the loops under the where the loops cross and pull. The two loops should tighten and you’re ready to go! This method may be a bit trickier as it involves more finger dexterity and coordination so it may be harder to master. If your child seems to be having issues, don’t push the subject too hard; it is recommended to take a break and return to the activity if your child grows frustrated. If they struggle with this method, encourage and empower them with this book, which teaches the Bunny Ears method in a unique way, and with different colored laces for better comprehension. And if you want your child to have two-colored laces on their own shoes to make it easier, check out these! This article also has several other rhymes and stories to help your child, even pre-schoolers, learn to tie their shoes. If they are ready, reward them with a pair of Converse made for pre-schoolers and toddlers. For your older curly girl, check out these cute, floral Converse, which come in both high and low rise



Colton Lillard is a young boy from Canada whose new shoe-tying technique is captivating the internet. What Colton does is first, he takes the plastic end of each lace and sticks them each into the holes where the laces come out of, effectively keeping each lace in place. He then takes each loop and crosses them into the same sideways 8 as the Bunny Ears method, and just like the previous method, he tucks one loop under the other, then pulls and tightens the knot. But he doesn’t stop there. Next, he takes the loops one more time and repeats the cross, tuck and pull technique. This method double-knots laces in a simple and quick manner. Check out Colton’s video here! Get your kids excited about learning to tie their shoes just like Colton with these fun rainbow laces. Kids with curly hair might also love these extra curly shoelaces so they can embrace their own curls while having some fun tying their shoes too!  



As always, make the X then cross and pull the knot to tighten. While your thumb and forefinger hold the loose lace, wrap it around those fingers and repeat with the other lace. Then take each lace in the opposite hand and pull in opposite directions. The loops should cross each other and tighten into a knot. This method is more uncommon than the others but works for younger children and older ones who haven’t had success with other methods. Here is a quick and simple video of the technique to help you understand better. And if your child wants to practice all these new techniques they are learning, try this shoe model board, which has three separate models on it to allow children to practice more than one technique at a time!



This last one is a bit trickier but still a good method, and may work when other methods may not have been successful. Begin with the cross and tighten process just like all the other methods. Then, repeat this step again, however, do not tighten the knot all the way. Instead, leave a small circle, as the method’s name describes. Then tuck the plastic end of each lace into this circle far enough that they will not slip out. Then pull the loop part of the laces in opposite directions and the laces should tighten to form a knot. Check out this simple and comprehensive video to see a tutorial of this method. Get your kids excited about tying their shoes with these awesome light up sneakers, and your curly girl will sure to love these ribbon shoelaces too to add some extra flair to their new shoes.   Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to watch this adorable shoe tying tutorial by the original Curlee Girlee.


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