Adorable Bella-Marie has Tightly Coiled Curls!

In this week’s Curl Type of the Week feature, we interviewed a young and beautiful 4 year old girl with a social media influence, named Belle-Marie! Here are Belle-Marie’s responses to some of our questions concerning her lifestyle, curly hair, and helpful tips on how to manage curly hair based on her own experience, that can then be passed on for other curly haired boys and girls to apply to their own hair:

1) Introduce yourself!  What is your age, grade, favorite books, movies, favorite quote, song? What is her favorite school subject? Favorite activity? Favorite thing to do in her free time?

My name is Belle-Marie and I’m 4 years old. I love to spend my free time dancing and singing to Dua Lipa (Belle’s a big fan). I love dressing up, painting my nails and doing my makeup. My absolute favourite movie is “The Princess and the Frog”, I know all the songs and I could watch it over and over again. I’m really interested in learning about space and right now I’m trying to recognise and name all the planets! I LOVE reading, my favourite right now is “Look Up”, because it’s about a little girl who wants to go to space. I love taking trips and going on days out with my family, and cannot wait to go visit the aquarium again.

2) Your curls! What is your hair curl type? If you don’t know, please check out our reference page here

Reference to your curl type chart, Belle’s hair is type 4c, she has very tightly coiled curls.

3. Who else in your family has curly hair? Check out our family tree here which is a fun and educational way to trace the legacy of your hair!

My Mum has more softer wavy curls like type 2b on your curl chart. Then my Dad’s hair is much more coiled curls compared to mine and much smaller and tighter.

4)  How do you like to wear your hair?

Belle loves to do different styles with her hair. We LOVE accessories! Bows, beads and bobbles are our thing. We love switching Belle’s hairstyles, usually doing a weekly style after we wash her hair at the weekend. But Belle’s all time favourite will always be wearing her curls out! She says she feels like a real princess then!

5) How would you define your style?  (ie, are you a dress up girl, more casual, love to be fancy etc.  What is your favorite style for school, for dressing up, for each season, etc.

Belle can do any style. Casual days to dressed up girly days. She loves dressing up, trying new clothes and of course taking pictures in her new outfits. Summertime always seems to bring out her gorgeous dresses or skirts, when winter she is more comfortable in jeans and a tee, or a tracksuit and trainers. According to Belle, as long as she looks stylish she’s happy!

6) Hair care tips!  What are some hair care tips you can share for taking care of your curly hair? Best advice for kids with curly hair?

Hydrate and moisturise! Curly hair is naturally more prone to breakages or becoming brittle when not kept moisturised, so we never skip it. We do daily water spritz to add some hydration and always use a leave in cream daily. We’ll add an oil on her scalp to mid lengths every couple days, and try to do her hair in styles that we don’t have to play with everyday.

7) What do you wash and condition your hair with? How often?

We shampoo Belle’s hair every 1-2 weeks, and use the African Pride Moisture Miracle Shampoo. It’s amazing for Belle’s hair and leaves her with an amazing shine. To condition we switch it up depending on what her hair needs more of at the time, we love Shea Moistures Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil range! We may then put a deep conditioner on every other week to add back any lost moisture, we’ve been using the Mielle Babassu and Mint deep conditioner recently, and so far it’s been amazing!

8) How often do you wash your hair and why?

We usually wash Belle’s hair between every 1-2 weeks. Depending on what style she has in or if she’s had a generally busier time at nursery and comes home covered in dirt and sand. Belle has quite naturally oily hair, so we try not to wash too much or when not needed as we don’t want to strip those oils out.

9) Are you a morning hair washer or an evening washer, why?

Sunday mornings are usually our hair wash time! We wash Belle’s hair as early as we can, so we can then spend the day deciding a new style for the week.

10) If you do your hair at night and sleep on it, what do you do in the morning? Any tips for making the style last overnight?

The best tips I would recommend are satin durags and pillowcases. Durags are just perfect for Belle, sometimes bonnets come off when she wiggles at night, but the durag stays and holds her hairstyle down so it keeps nice and tidy for the morning. So when we wake up and get ready the next day, we might just have to touch it up and then add our accessories of the day. Satin pillowcases are a lifesaver to stop frizzing. I’ve noticed the change in Belle’s hair since we’ve changed from cotton and will never go back.

11) Has curly hair impacted your child and her self-image, please provide details on her “hair journey”.  Did she always love her hair or was it something that happened over time? 

Belle has always been a very bubbly, positive and confident little girl. She’s always been very sure of herself and who she is. She says her curls make her a princess, which makes me so happy to hear as her mum, when curly haired princesses aren’t exactly the norm we see in our children’s books or televisions shows, but she sees herself as one nonetheless. We love caring for Belle’s hair, and she gets so excited choosing new hairstyles and accessories for the day. I, as her Mum, have loved learning about how to care for Belle’s curls. It has been such a positive journey for me, that I believe Belle has just grown up loving her hair and loving who she is!

12) Have you read our Curlee Girlee book series?  If not get your copy by clicking here. Our Curlee Girlee books were written to ensure that all curly girls belong to our Curlee Girlee family and learn to love and embrace their curls understanding that their hair is part of a greater legacy they share with those who came before them and will one day share with those who come after.

No we haven’t, but will definitely be purchasing! The Curlee Girlee books sound perfect for Belle, she loves to embrace her curly hair!


Belle-Marie is a social media influencer and our Curl Type of the Week! On Instagram, she has a following of 1.2+ followers! Check her out and follow her!


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