Alana Shares Her Curly Hair Care Routine


Our Curl Type of the Week is Alana! She is a 12-year-old girl living in the United Kingdom. She is in Year 8 at school and her preferred genre of books that she likes to read in her spare time are spy, action and adventure; more specifically, the Alex Rider series by author Anthony Horowitz is at the top of her list. Alana’s favourite movie is A Dog’s Purpose; she says that it is a really emotional movie and it made her and her mum cry. The quote that Alana goes by and shall use throughout her life is, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Alana says she got this quote from her mum, which we think is an awesome quote to live by!

Alana’s favorite type of music that she loves to listen to is Rock Music! Her all-time favourite rock band is Kiss and Alana’s favorite song by this group is Psycho Circus, and it has been her favorite ever since she first heard them in a Scooby-Doo movie many years ago! Her favorite subjects at school are Biology and Spanish. Alana just loves to learn about how the body works and finds it fascinating! She also loves the thought of being able to speak another language. In her spare time, Alana loves to dance! She has been trained in and used to love Ballroom and Latin dancing, but now she loves to dance Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet and Contemporary at the dance studio she attends! Alana’s favourite hobby is digital drawing on her tablet and painting with watercolours.


Alana’s curly hair type is Springy 4A. She says that it used to be a really light shade of blonde when she was younger, but it has darkened over time as she has grown up. Alana’s curls are incredibly springy on wash day! Curly hair seems to run in her family, as she says that one of her older brothers also has curly hair, though his curls are bigger and more relaxed than Alana’s. She says that her brother doesn’t look after his curls properly so it can look quite frizzy really quickly! Alana likes to wear her hair up in a pull-through, which is a big loose bun, and also in a style she has nicknamed a ‘Cornish Pasty,’ which is what you get when you twist the hair from the top down each side and secure it in a ponytail!


Alana’s fashion style is the smart casual type, but she spends most of the year in shorts, even though throughout most of the lockdown, she has spent it in pj’s (us too, Alana!). When she goes to school, Alana wears a uniform and alternates between wearing trousers and a skirt, but she would rather choose to wear shorts if she was allowed. For dressing up, Alana likes to wear anything with a bit of a leopard skin print. She doesn’t really have different seasonal styles apart from what she normally wears in the summer and winter, which are the usual shorts and crop tops!

Curly Hair Care Routine

In terms of curly hair care routine, Alana always applies the hair gel after washing her hair. She says that it keeps the frizz at bay and her curls more defined. One important and useful hair care tip that she has for kids: if you don’t want to wash your hair three days later just spray your hair with water, apply a little more gel and diffuse!

Products Alana Loves for her Curly Hair Care Routine

One of the hair products that Alana uses on her curly hair is the Trepadora Curl Therapy Hibiscus Cleansing Clay Wash. Alana says that this hair product acts as a shampoo without the bubbles! She washes her hair once a week with the clay wash and after rinsing it, Alana applies another hair product, called the Faith in Nature Conditioner, in sections, and then squelches the product thoroughly into her luscious hair. She then would use a paddle brush and afterward rinse whilst scrunching her curls. Alana gently scrunches her hair in a t-shirt to collect some of the water from dripping on the ground. Then to finish off, she uses the Umberto Giovani Curl Jelly to ensure that her hair is still quite wet, and she applies it whilst scrunching her curls. Alana then diffuses her hair on a warm heat until it is dry. Voila, perfect curls!

Preserving those Curls

In order to preserve those gorgeous curls of hers, Alana sleeps on a comfy, silk pillowcase with her hair tied in a pull-through pineapple to prevent her hair from frizzing. After she wakes up in the morning, Alana spritzes her curls with a little bit of water to freshen it up and to get rid of any frizz that may have developed overnight. Lastly, Alana then leaves her hair to air dry to get her signature, beautiful curls. Sounds like the perfect night time hair care routine!


Alana has learned so much about her curly hair, and it seems that it’s had such a positive impact on her life! Alana says that she has learned to look after her hair herself ever since she visited a salon called Hair Magic two years ago, which is a salon that specializes in curly hair! Alana had her first curl-by-curl hair cut there and was given so much helpful advice on how to look after and manage her hair. The impact of Alana’s curly hair has gotten her a career in modelling, which she totally loves! Alana says that being a curly haired model takes a lot of her time, energy and money to look after her curls, but she knows that it is worth it in the end as she gets to show off her beautiful, curly hair to the world!

Alana is a social media influencer on Instagram! You can find her on there @alana_gardner_!

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