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Caring for your curls can be difficult especially as, Jarely tells us, curls come in so many different shapes and sizes even on one head!  Ask our curly Expert! Jarely of Faith in Curls salon is here to help navigate our hair dilemmas. Jarely herself has a head of beautiful curls and she has been working, as a salon expert since she is nineteen years old. She also has a loyal following on Instagram @faithincurls. Curls are Jarely’s passion so submit year questions, comments, hair-issues, hair crises and we will do our best to answer them right here on the Curlee Girlee website!

You can find Jarely on Instagram and in our Ask the Experts page!




Tips for Curly Hair Girls

Tips for Curly Hair Girls

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Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to check out our recent article on What to Do or Say if Your Daughter is Showing Signs of Hating Her Curly Hair.

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