Autumn Azul is a Curly Haired Actress, Model, and Junior Chef!

In this week’s Curl Type of the Week feature, we interviewed a young and beautiful multi-talented 6 year old girl with bouncy hair, named Autumn Azul! She is many things: a curly haired actress, Instagram influencer, model, and junior chef! Here are Autumn Azul’s responses to some of our questions concerning her lifestyle, curly hair, and helpful tips on how to manage curly hair based on her own experience, that can then be passed on for other curly haired boys and girls to apply to their own hair:

1) Introduce yourself! What is your age, grade, favorite books, movies, favorite quote, song? What is her favorite school subject? What is her favorite activity? What is her favorite thing to do in her free time? 

Hello my name is Autumn Azul and I am a 6 year old curly haired actress, model and chef! You may recognize me for my role as Aaliyah on the TV show “The Walking Dead” and I have also appeared in several national commercials and fashion magazines. I have been cooking with my mom since I was just 3 years old and now I have my own Cooking show on Youtube called “Cooking With Chef Autumn.” Some of my favorite activities that I love to do are painting, singing and making funny videos with my mom.

2) Your curls! What is your hair curl type? If you don’t know, please check out our reference page here.  

My curly hair type is a bouncy 4B.

3. Who else in your family has curly hair? Check out our family tree here which is a fun and educational way to trace the legacy of your hair! 

My curls are springy and bouncy because it is a mixture of both my mom and dad’s curly hair type. My Mom is French Creole and she has bouncy curls, but my Dad is Ecuadorian and he has springy curls. I love to wear my curly hair down because I can style it in so many different curl patterns.

4)  How do you like to wear your hair?

The way I like to wear my curly hair is in braids. I really like to braid my curly hair in one big twist like Princess Elsa from the Disney movie, “Frozen” on some days, and on other days, I like to wrap it in a bun like Disney princesses Tiana and Cinderella as well. I find that it is so fun to be versatile!


5) How would you define your style?  (ie, are you a dress up girl, more casual, love to be fancy etc.  What is your favorite style for school, for dressing up, for each season, etc. 

In terms of dress up style, I love to play dress up in fancy princess dresses and to style my hair like all the different Disney Princesses. If I were given the option, I would definitely wear my Disney Princess dresses everywhere that I go!


6) Hair care tips!  What are some hair care tips you can share for taking care of your curly hair? What do you wash and condition your hair with? How often do you wash your hair and why? 

My mom washes my hair once a week so that way she can keep my hair fresh and detangled. I do not wash my curly hair daily because I do not use many hair products in my hair (unless it is used for when I am being styled for acting and modeling). In terms of hair care products, my mom and I both use natural soap to wash our hair and we moisturize it with 100 percent Argan Oil.


7) Are you a morning hair washer or an evening washer, why?  If you do your hair at night and sleep on it, what do you do in the morning?

We wash my hair in the evening so we can braid it up and let it air dry throughout the night. I never really use heat on my hair. I usually sleep on a silk pillowcase so my hair does not need to be wrapped up at night, and so that it does not break off from rubbing against harsh fabrics all night. In the morning, I simply unbraid my hair, rub my hand with the 100 percent Argan oil and gently push my fingers through my curls for a minute or two and then I am all styled and set to go!


8)Has curly hair impacted your child and her self-image, please provide details on her “hair journey”.  Did she always love her hair or was it something that happened over time? 

There have been times when I have cried to my mom about my hair, and how I have wanted it to be straight like most of the other girls I see on TV and in magazines. However, my mom always tells me that my hair is beautiful and unique. She once showed me photos of the 2019 Ms. America, Ms. USA and Ms. Teen USA, who all had that curly haired look just like mine! She said that everyone has their own style, and this is mine. Because of this, I have learned to love my own style and embrace the beauty of my curly hair. I want to be a role model for other little girls who have curly hair, by representing them on TV and in magazines too.

Autumn Rose is a social media influencer and our Curl Type of the Week! On Instagram, she has a following of 4.2K+ followers! Check her out and follow her @shes_so_autumn! Also, make sure to check out her cooking channel on YouTube, called “Cooking With Chef Autumn.”

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