4 Awesome Ideas for Hair Wraps and Extensions that can be done at home!

I love to travel.  Seeing new places, tasting new foods, exploring quaint towns takes you away from your world and into a magical place and often that magic is so strong that it stays with you long after you have returned home.  Now, traveling with my family is both an adventure and an opportunity and seeing new places through the eyes of children adds a special layer of excitement that is truly unequaled.  Sometimes they can get cranky, tired, hungry and I confess downright annoying. But other times they delight in things that I may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Recently we traveled to Portugal and we had what I love to term a true “curlee girlee moment”.  In a small  town of Carvoeiro as my Curlee Girlee was holding an ice cream, she started to squeal so loudly I got scared, but then she jumped up and down and said “mommy a hair extension ribbon- please can I get one?”,   I am always hesitant to allow anything in her hair it gets knotted and tangled with much ease, but I know she has wanted a hair extension for a long time and we were on vacation so my usual rules were more relaxed and I relented.  See our adorable video of Curlee Girlee getting her hair braid extension right here.

I must confess it is adorable and fun and she was and she is deliriously happy with it.  She was so happy she could not wait to return to school and show her friends. So once in a while, just say a quick yes, even if it is perhaps smarter to ponder slowly and say no.

Whether on vacation or at your local summer fair, you may wish to throw caution to the wind and just do it!  Here are four fun ideas for your own curly girl to add a hair wrap or kid-friendly extensions and color at home!

1. Hair Wraps at Home

A hair wrap is pretty simple for anyone to do, and only requires a few tools and a bit of patience to be done. First, and most importantly, you will need some string. Embroidery floss, the string best known for making friendship bracelets, is the go-to string used for hair wraps. In addition, you will need some very small hair ties.

In order to begin the wrapping process, make sure the hair is free of tangles! Take the small section your child wants to be wrapped (it should be no thicker than their finger) and tie it off with a small band. Then, braid this section of hair into a neat and tight braid, making sure there are no bumps or flyways. Some people prefer to straighten their hair at this point to make the braiding easier and smoother while others may dampen the hair for a similar result, but neither is absolutely required! You can also use clips, such as alligator clips, to keep the rest of the hair from getting caught in the braid. Once the braid is done, tie it off with another band. Now we begin wrapping. Take as many colors of string as your child desires and make sure they are all cut to be at least two to three times longer than the hair. At the base of the braid near the scalp, tie the string around the hair. Make sure the knot is firm, but not uncomfortably tight, and knot it a few times just to make sure. Slowly and carefully begin to wrap the first colored string around the braided hair as well as any other strands of string. This process will take time! This video is an excellent and detailed tutorial you can use to follow along, and will also show you how to change string colors. Once you have reached the end of the hair, tie the string tightly and secure it with a double knot. This might also be a great time for your child to learn to tie a knot to help with tying their shoes, which we recently wrote about here. If your child does not want any extra beads or embellishments, you may now cut the ends of the strings near the knot.

If your child wants added decoration, keep the strings at least a couple of inches longer than the wrap. If the beads such as these, have holes wide enough, you can just thread the strings in and pull them through then tie off once you’re done. If not, the beads can work as decoration at the end of the wrap. In order to do this, choose one of the strings, then trim the others. Thread the beads one at a time onto a beader tool, or something thin like a piece of thread or floss. This tutorial will help you if you have not used a beader tool for threading beads before, and the same method works if you are using thread as well. Once all the beads have been added to the wrap, tie the string end so they don’t slide off and cut, adding a dangling embellishment if desired!

2.  Hair Twisters

There are also ways to create a hair wrap-effect without taking the time for a hair wrap if your child doesn’t want to sit around for an entire wrapping. Hair twisters are an excellent way to add a hair wrap appearance to your child’s hair while also being easy and quick to put in and take out. Hair twisters come pre-twisted in a corkscrew shape, so all you need to do is take the desired lock of hair and twist it around the shape; the twists will keep the hair in place! They even come beaded with a small accessory at the end for added style and are available in a variety of colors.

3. Extension clips for kids

Fake hair extension clips are a super-easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise average look. Clip extensions are much more temporary than hair wraps as they are simply placed into the hair and can be taken out at any time, and they are as easy and as quick to use as a normal clip. These fun hair extensions for girls come in many curly styles, from curly to wavy curly to ringlets! There are even ones such as these rainbow extensions that come with bows already added. Or add your own cute clip to the extension for some added fun and personalization. Your curly girl will definitely have a good time with all the colors offered that will allow her to change up her look every day to match her mood and style!

4. Hair chalk

Hair chalk is a somewhat newer invention. It allows your child to color a lock (or many) of their hair without the dye being permanent or damaging. Hair chalk is easy to apply, requires little to no clean-up, and even works on darker hair! First, wet the lock of hair your child wants to be colored, then used the chalk stick in a downward motion to color the hair. It’s so simple and mess-free, your curly girl can even do it herself! The color comes out easily with shampoo and water. Try hair chalk to add some extra fun and color to simple and easy hairstyles!

For additional fun hair ideas- read our blog on how to dip dye your curly girl’s hair just in time for Summer fun!

Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to watch this adorable shoe tying tutorial by the original Curlee Girlee.

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