Barry Shore: A former Quadriplegic, Entrepreneur, Ambassador of Joy!

Barry is a serial entrepreneur, who started a movement that has Forbes and Oprah talking about!  Find out more about this one-of-a-kind man on this week’s Episode!


Barry Shore Show Notes:


[02:08] Barry Shore’s backstory and how the movement started

  • On one evening last 2004, Barry got paralyzed from the neck down
  • He got it from an exceedingly rare disease where in the matter of hours, he got totally paralyzed
  • Instead of blaming god for his condition, he used the power of thought to be able to heal his body
  • He was able to recover using his


[13:00] How Barry’s mother influenced him to be the person he is now

  • Somebody recommended her mother to work in a supermarket’s courtesy booth and served for 5 years.
  • By the second year at a courtesy booth, the store gained 3.5% increase in sales and it happened year over year when Mrs. Shore was there.
  • By the time of her retirement, the company made a large banquet and an expensive blown glass. People paid to go to the banquet just to see Mrs. Shore because she’s the essence of the courtesy booth and made difference in their lives.
  • In her own small world, she made a huge impact to the community


[20:00] The two most important words in the English Language

  • Use these words 3 times a day and you can change the world for the better – THANK YOU
    • T – o
    • H – armonize
    • A – nd
    • N – etwork
    • K – indness
  • Everyone is fighting a unique battle you don’t know about so be kind


[26:47] The Joy of Living institute

  • 3 years prior to getting paralyzed, he received a mail about the value of a smile.
  • He asked the Rabbi if he can copy the letter and spread it around and he agreed.
  • He printed out one hundred notes and gave it around in 7 days. From one hundred, it grew to 10,000 and kept growing.
  • They passed two million ‘Keep smiling’ cards in 27 language – and it’s FREE


[36:45] Barry shares some down moments and what he did to push through

  • If there ever was a moment of despair, it never came into his mind because he knew that he can’t.
  • Allow yourself to breathe and know that you will be the best possible you. That will enable you to get through the moment.
  • Honor whatever pain, despair, and know that there’s no such thing that “I can’t” only “I won’t”


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