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Curlee Girlee was inspired by my real-life Curlee Girlee, Ari. I wanted to ensure that my daughter loved her hair and never felt the need to conform to society’s standard of beauty or perfection. Not only is that obviously detrimental to our self-worth but as the standard of beauty is ever-changing we cannot allow something so fickle to define who we are or in any way impact our children’s sense of self or their self-confidence.

In less than a year since publication, and thanks to so many of you, Curlee Girlee has not only become a bestselling book but it has become a movement.   A movement of embracing your hair and all the features that make you unique. Curlee Girlee the book and the character is speaking for young girls everywhere, straight and curly alike and I am so proud and thankful to all my loyal followers and supporters and the many many of you from across the globe who have purchased my book and read and re-read to your children every night and in doing so helped to create and sustain this movement.  Our Curlee Girlee of the week blog series will now be open to not only young Curlee Girlee’s but to women of all ages who have expressed an interest in joining the Curlee Girlee family. In order to continue to instill confidence in young girls, we must change the inner dialogue of our children from a very young age. My hope and dream is that Curlee Girlee, the book, the movement will be the start of that conversation.

As we continue to grow and expand stay tuned for more Curlee Girlee products, additional books and much more.  Next week we will be featuring Alanna York from Controlled Chaos as our interview series continues. In the meantime, if you are a Curlee Girlee, of any age, order the Curlee Girlee book on Amazon, click this link:, take a picture of the book and tell us a bit about yourself- then send me a direct message and we will get you posted!

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