Camille Schrier and Curlee Girlee enter the world of STEM and have more in common than you think

At the Miss Virginia beauty pageant, a new talent erupted on stage—literally! Camille Schrier, originally from Pennsylvania, had just finished her degrees at Virginia Tech when she heard about the Miss Virginia competition. Schrier, now 24, has been doing beauty pageants as a creative hobby since she was 14. She says growing up that she was never a “girly-girl,” but was a girl who loved athletics, just like the inspirational Billie Jean King. After learning that the Miss Virginia pageant was one of the biggest providers of scholarships to women in the nation, Schrier decided to join. What she did for her talent is what set her apart when she decided to do a science experiment on stage. 

“I expected to hear some feedback saying that my talent wasn’t really a talent,” Schrier said. “But I will tell you, I was overwhelmed with messages saying how cool my talent was, how refreshing it was and how everyone was impressed that I was able to tie education and science into something that was also entertaining.”

Everyone loved the experiment, which created an erupting mountain of foam when hydrogen peroxide and dish soap were combined with warm water and yeast. This experiment is commonly referred to as “elephant toothpaste” and was one of the fun activities featured in our article 7 Awesome and Easy Science Experiments for Gifted Students

Camille Schreir is an honorary Curlee Girlee with her experiment

Schrier won the regional title, Miss Dominion, with her experiment, which then made her eligible to perform at the Miss Virginia pageant. The Miss Virginia pageant was held in a larger venue, so Schrier decided to stick with her elephant toothpaste experiment. Only this time, she decided to make it much bigger with larger flasks while adding much more foam and color! Again, the audience loved her science experiment, and she even won the preliminary talent award, before officially being crowned Miss Virginia. We at Curlee Girlee are so happy to hear of Camille Schrier’s win and her devotion to showing that girls can be scientists too. We hope Schrier inspires your girl as well, and she can even dress like Miss Virginia in this lab coat and goggles set. This outfit is perfect now that  book two of the Curlee Girlee series, Curlee Girlee’s Got Talent has launched! It is sure to inspire girls everywhere to get more interested in STEM as much as Camille!

In Curlee Girlee’s Got Talent, Curlee Girlee is back and ready for another fun and empowering adventure! The school talent show is coming up, and Curlee Girlee needs to find her talent—and she does so with science, just like Miss Virginia! If your daughter is showing interest in science, encourage her to try fun science kits such as this chemistry kit. Keep her inspired by reading with her about all the other amazing ladies like Camille Schrier who have impacted the world of STEM. Read other Curlee Girlee books to show her feisty, determined, strong little girls who will stop at nothing to make what they want a reality. 


Camille Schrier had entered Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in pharmacy in 2018 but is taking this next school year off to spread her message of interesting girls in STEM and educating children across Virginia about science. 

“I’m trying to be like Bill Nye,” she said. “I want to get kids excited, but I don’t want it to be boring.” Since she is a pharmacy student, Schrier is focusing a lot on medicine as she travels to her state first and then the nation. She plans to advocate for more knowledge when it comes to medication, including drug safety. If your girl is showing an interest in pharmaceuticals or learning about medicine consider showing her Maddie Visits the Pharmacist for a fun and informative look into the pharmacy for kids. 

Camille Schrier teaches girls that STEM can be fun

Before enrolling at Virginia Commonwealth University, Schrier was a student at Virginia Tech, where she received two degrees; one in biochemistry and one in systems biology. Biochemistry is the study of chemicals within living organisms; this includes things such as the study of molecules within the body like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. If your daughter may be interested in beginning to learn about biochem, she can start early with this comprehensible book for kids, Bacteria and Antibiotics

Schrier’s other degree was in systems biology, which is similar to biochemistry but is the study of systems of biological components, meaning things such as molecules, cells, and entire organisms. Creating models of molecules is a classic science experiment, and can be a fun building activity for kids of all ages to get them interested in science! Check out this building kit to get started, and consider this book, Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything, which is super informative for both kids and adults, and is full of pictures that young scientists will love! Other excellent books for your budding biologist are The Fantastic Body: What Makes You Tick & How You Get Sick, which has over 1000 diagrams and fun facts, and Human Body Activity Book for Kids, a fun and interactive book for elementary schoolers. If your child is interested in STEM but doesn’t have a specific field they love, get them Awesome Science Experiments for Kids, which includes over one hundred fun and engaging science experiments that kids will love. These experiments may even get kids who aren’t interested in STEM to enjoy science and learn while still having fun. Try all these fun experiments to get your little girl excited about science and learning! Camille Schrier is definitely getting girls excited and inspired. Growing up she said she did not have a female in STEM as a role model to look up to, so that is why she decided to become one for young girls everywhere. 

Curlee Girlee and Camille Schrier inspire a new generation of girls in STEM

“I’m hoping to use this throughout the United States to get young people, especially young girls, interested in STEM and STEM careers, and hopefully be a role model for them…Also to encourage both young girls and young men to be themselves and not change who they are for any situation that they feel like they need to fit in a box.”

Schrier’s message of empowerment is very close to ours here at Curlee Girlee. We also hope to help children be themselves and pursue what they want, no matter the obstacles. So make sure to check out Curlee Girlee’s Got Talent coming this fall to see more girls taking on the world of STEM and inspiring children along the way! 

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