Curlee Girlee of the Week, submit

Are you a Curlee Girlee?

Is there a special girl in your life who is?

Apply to be Curlee Girlee of the week! Each week we feature an amazing girl (of any age) who is able to share what makes her unique.  We created this platform to be a safe, nurturing environment where all Curlee Girlees are able to be themselves and tell us what makes them smile and shine.

Join our curlee girlee family and together we WILL change the coarse of curly hair!

Please take at least one photo (although we’re happy to receive more!) with the Curlee Girlee book and/or make a video and submit below. If you do not have a copy of the book, you can grab one here! ?
**Once you click SUBMIT, please wait until your application has finished sending and you see the confirmation message to close or navigate away from this page. Please note, by submitting photos of your CG , you are granting us permission to use their image(s) in our promotional materials.**

Please submit a photo taken in a brightly lit area with a so we can see your child’s features and she is showcased in her best light. Please include a picture with a minimalist background or outdoors or in natural light. Pease also include a paragraph about your child, detailing the type of hair she has and things that you feel are helpful in empowering her. If you own the Curlee Girlee book(s) please take a 10-second video of her with the book, reading the book, or describing what the book means to her and why she likes it. If you do not have the Curlee Girlee books, we encourage you to buy them and photograph with them.

Some suggested questions are:

  1. What is her favorite school subject?
  2. Favorite activity?
  3. Favorite thing to do in her free time
  4. Has curly hair impacted her and if so in what way?

Please include your social media handles and any social media handles of grandparents/aunts/uncles or anyone you believe would want to see and share this.

Please note that not all submissions will be posted.