Chef Julia Chebator Gives Some Great Passover Tips and Recipes!

Passover is a time of renewal and redemption and we celelbrate this night as a time of coming together and remembering where we came from, who we are and where we are going.  But this Passover feels different for all of us.  This year, when we are staying indoors, practicing social distancing and trying to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we will experience Passover this year as few of us ever have. Passover is here! and even though it won’t be the normal celebration I usually have, you can bet I’ll still be cooking up all the traditional favorites. with a few health chef Julia twist of course!  I am sharing 4 of my go-to health(ier) Passover recipes for you to round out your holiday menu with.
A list of 10 things you need to throw a virtual seder….
    1. Salt water
    2. Horseradish
    3. Charoset 
    4. Roasted egg
    5. Shankbone, or a roasted beet if you are vegetarian or don’t want to track down a shankbone. Or use any bone. 
    6. Greens to dip in the salt water. Parsley is common, but you be you.
    7. Matzah
    8. Wine and candles.
    9. Simply showing up is what matters most.
    10. Dress code: like you’re ready for a trek in the desert   It’s every generation’s responsibility to tell the story, so we can’t give up now, Happy Passover to all we’re in this together!
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