Reading Curlee Girlee brought me back to some of my own childhood memories in learning how to love my curly hair. I am the middle child of five, and out of all my siblings I am the only one with coily curls.

When I was a little girl, I remember watching my two older sisters get ready for school. I was fascinated by how they could so easily just brush and brush their hair, put it up in cool braids, straighten or curl it with an iron, and leave the house with great hair. And in my own five-year-old eyes, I saw myself as being just like my sisters and believed that my hair was exactly like theirs. I would even ask them to do my hair like theirs, and it would end up looking completely different. That didn’t keep me from trying to make my hair look like my older sisters’. Just like Curlee Girlee, I would sit in front of the mirror and brush and brush and brush my hair. And as I would brush my curls out, my hair would become frizzier and bigger. There were so many times I would come running out of the bathroom to my mom because I got a comb or brush super tangled in my hair!

Honestly, it took a long time for me to learn how to style my curly hair. I went through elementary and middle school doing my hair on my own, the only three styles I knew how to do: a ponytail with my curls brushed out, a bun, or a bushy braid. I tried to make my hair look like my friends’, but it never did. It wasn’t until one day, when my older sisters encouraged me to wear my hair down naturally and told me that my hair was beautiful and doesn’t have to be like others. So, the next day I went to school with my curly hair. A new confidence grew in me as I let my hair curly hair free and loose. I began to see myself as beautiful, and my curly hair as something unique and special to me.

My favorite part in Curlee Girlee is the ending. Just like Curlee Girlee, my youngest sister also has curly-whirly hair! As my little sister grew up and her hair grew long, I got to encourage her to love her beautiful curls and wear her hair down. My little sister and I love our curls, and I love that there is a book like Curlee Girlee encouraging girls to embrace their beautiful curls!


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