Hi, my name is Helen! A lot of people comment on my curly hair, because it is very very curly. Most of the time, the comments are very kind and very sweet, although a while back, I would have never believed these people and their wonderful compliments. I used to really not like my curly hair because it was big, and puffy, and everyone else I knew had very straight, smooth hair that was very beautiful. I was a ballerina when I was younger which made me dislike it even more because it was hard to put my bunches of curls into a nice bun. Everyone else’s hair was perfect, with no frizzy hairs poking out. No matter how hard I tried, I could never get my hair to look that way. I kept brushing my hair out and trying so hard to make it look straight. The older I got, the more I started to realize that forcing my hair to look straight rather than embracing my curls only made it look rougher and made me less happy. So one day, I decided to embrace my curly hair. I looked up new hairstyles I could do with it, found pretty bows and hairbands that I could put in my curls. Ever since then, I have loved having curly hair and love that it is part of who I am. When people see me, they say “That’s Helen with the curly hair!” My curls no longer make me feel bad about myself, but make me feel valuable and unique as one of God’s children. I am now very grateful for my curls and will wear my hair in big puffy curls for the rest of my life!


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