College Curlee Girlee of the Week: Lauren

When I was little I hated how curly my hair was because literally everyone in my family had straight hair and so did my friends. Their hair was so pretty, and I was super jealous of their hair because it wouldn’t get frizzy. I would put my hair into ponytails and buns so no one could see my curls and I could contain the frizz. It’s funny … my story is similar to Curlee Girlee’s because my dad had curly hair as a kid–which I did not know–and I thought, “Whoa, my dad has curly hair too, and that is super cool!”

So I started wearing my hair down on Sundays for church and these older ladies always told me how pretty it was. Then one day I decided to wear it down to gymnastics and everybody kept talking about how much they loved my hair and how great it was. This was when I was 14 and 15, so slowly as I got older I started to love it more and more because I realized that, even on days when it seems frizzy, it’s still really pretty. Now I have days where I wake up and look in the mirror and think, “Wow, I have really pretty hair!” And now I am honestly just so obsessed.

I wish I had a book like this when I was little because it is so hard to love your hair when everyone around you, like Hannah Montana, has straight hair. I love the part in Curlee Girlee where she wet a brush and brushed her hair to try to make it straight. That is totally what I did when I was little, but I am so happy that now I have learned to love my hair! I also used to hate when people would play with the springs in my hair, but I have learned to love my hair so much now and I think little girls with curly hair are just so precious!

Atara Twersky, author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to read our recent article on upcoming spring trends Curlee Girlee loves and your curly kids will too!

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