My story is a bit unique because I haven’t always had curly hair. When I was a little girl, it was as straight as an uncooked noodle. But as I grew older, it got fluffier and frizzier! To hold back its craziness, I wore ponytails every day. In high school, I was so embarrassed by my hair that I hid it in buns and braids not wanting anyone to see the unmanageable mess that it was.

But then one day something magical happened. I was a 16 years old and went in for a haircut, and as I strolled out of the hair salon, I noticed that something had happened to my hair. It had started to curl in my hand! When my family saw my newly cut hair, they were in disbelieve! They couldn’t believe that my hair had just transformed in the span of an hour. I fell in love with my new hair. I began wearing it down and more confidently around people. Just like Curlee Girlee’s dad and grandma had curly hair so did my brother and dad. I felt connected to them in a whole another way by sharing our curly hairs. Just like them, I love that it only takes a few seconds to get our curly hair ready in the morning. Yes, I still have frizzy hair days, but I have learned to adore the curls Jesus has placed on my head. I love the wild and free feeling of having curly hair!


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