When I was little I was bullied for my hair and I hated it, so it was always in a bun, tied down or braided. Rarely did I ever just wear my curls out. One day in junior year of high school I just decided, I’m going to have this hair for the rest of my life so I might as well embrace it and I started wearing it down and curly all the time. This past year I had been toying with the idea of chopping it off and so I walked into a salon and took the plunge. I can honestly say I have never been happier with my hair. In the story of Curlee Girlee, she is doing everything possible to get her curls do go away but after seeing how beautiful her grandma was with her curly hair it made her embrace her hair. When I was little I didn’t have anything that told me that my hair was pretty until I was older and had to find it for myself, but what I love about this book is that it shows that both girls and boys who have curly hair have something special and unique about them that makes them different and there is nothing wrong with it. They should embrace it and love it!


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