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Everybody Loves Curlee Girlee!

This was bought as a gift for my 4 year old niece and it is so adorable. The story is actually pretty long for a picture book but I love the meaning behind it and it will hopefully help her embrace her beautiful curls.

Demi V.
My daughter has beautiful curly hair. She also started out very bald. There was so much about the story she could relate to. She has also asked me to straighten her hair bit then she didn’t like it. Lol.

My curly-headed she-devil loves this book. It did a great job helping her realize how special those springy curls are, and what a cool generational gift she has been given.

Bought this book for my beautiful granddaughter. She is a “real life” Curlee Girlee. The illustrations have a very strong resemblence to my granddaughter. She loves the book!

The Paget Family