Curlee Boys Show Us You Don’t Have to be Curly or a Girly to Love Curlee Girlee!

Today our curlee boys of the week are two adorable boys who don’t have curly hair but are huge fans of the Curlee Girlee books, reminding us all that you don’t have to be curly or a girly to love Curlee Girlee!

Meet Arjun and Adi who are born here in the U.S. but to a wonderful mom and dad who emigrated from India.  Because of their diverse upbringing, Arjun and Adi love Bollywood Music and singing Indian songs, but their favorite movie is The Lion King.

Arjun will turn six years old in August and is excited to start first grade.  His favorite books are anything non-fiction and his favorite things to do are to learn about planet Earth and the cosmos.

Adi will be 4 years old in August and is excited to be in Kindergarten.  He loves to read Dr. Seuss Books and really loves dinosaurs.

While both boys have straight hair, they are happy to report that their youngest brother, Augie has Type 2 curls like his aunt.

All three boys love to play with each other and dance around the house.

We asked the boy’s mom, Uma 2 questions below!

What is the boys style?!  What is their favorite style for school, for dressing up, for each season, etc. 

 On normal school days, they love to match with anything they can see in Nature.  For Eg: For fall they like to match with Fall colors.  –Arjun and Adi also loves to dress up like superheroes

Haircare tips!  What are some hair care tips you can share for taking care of their/ your curly hair? 

This is an ancient tip from my Grandmother how to care for your hair naturally and chemical-free pretty much can be found in the kitchen. We use Aloe vera hair conditioner or Banana Hair Mask or Yogurt hair mask; these conditions deep down to the root level hence easy to brush up the curls with a bouncy and shiny healthy look.

We are so happy to feature these adorable boys who love our movement and our books and are such avid fans. Thanks Adi and Arjun for sharing your story!

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