Curly Girls Love to Read these Inspiring Books for Kids!

Chelsea Clinton writes an inspirational book about thirteen women who have impacted our country and contributed to the advancement of women.  Girls everywhere need role models.  Luckily in the past several decades’ many doors have been opened for women that were previously tightly closed but surprisingly both here in the United States and definitely in countries around the globe, women are still not treated fairly.  I am always looking for role models for my young daughters and inspiring books for kids, and in She Persisted, Chelsea Clinton offers not just one but 13 of them.  One of my personal favorites:  Ruby Bridges.  The reason I love Ruby Bridges is because she is heroic in a quiet, elegant and non-overt manner. Her actions were overt but one look at her face and her gentle demeanor are easily discernible.

Born on September 8, 1954, in Tylertown Mississippi, Ruby Bridges was the first black child in the South to attend an all-white school.  She was escorted to school by federal marshals.  The artist, Norman Rockwell, was so touched and inspired by Ruby’s story that he painted “The Problem We All Must Live With” which was a depiction of Ruby walking to school with federal marshals who served as her bodyguards.  President Barak Obama was equally inspired by Ruby Bridges and on the commemoration of the  50th Anniversary of her history-changing walk to school, he requested of the Norman Rockwell museum, that the painting be loaned to the White House where it was exhibited for several months.

What makes Ruby Bridges so inspiring for girls everywhere is that in her own quiet and lovely way she changed history forever.  When Ruby was just 5 years old, in Kindergarten, she was among a group of African American children in New Orleans chosen to take a test to determine whether or not she could attend a white school. Only 6 children, Ruby included, passed this test.  Ruby did not seek fame; she was too young to know the full impact of her actions, but when chosen to be this child who would make a difference, she took a stand and said “yes”.  We may not have the opportunity to do a Ruby Bridges walk-of-history, but all children are presented with opportunities to step outside their comfort zone, take a stand and step beyond their comfortable limits; whether it is standing up to the class bully, sitting next to the shy girl at lunch or sharing snacks with the child nobody wants to play with, we need to teach our children to take a stand.  When called upon to do so, Ruby Bridges did just that.  At age 64 she remains an iconic symbol of freedom and courage.  Her activism in the civil rights movement and the memories that her name evokes are unparalleled in American civil rights history.

I have often read that Ruby Bridges was a shy quiet child.  Bravery comes from unexpected places within us all.  For this reason, Ruby Bridges is one of my favorite women depicted in Chelsea Clinton’s, She Persisted.

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