Curlee Girlee E’ahnah Breeze has Swervy 2B Hair

E’ahnah Breeze is a bright, loving, and persistent 4 year old born and raised in Florida with a huge personality. Puerto Rican and Dominican running through her veins, you can see how she embraces the sassiness and wits of both cultures. E’ahnah Breeze’s hair curl type is a Swervey 2B hair and I, her mother, share the same curl type. There is a variety of different curl types in our family.

I always make sure to detangle her hair every night whether her hair is washed or dry in order to prevent any knots the following day. I do not add any moisturizers as it is not needed. The majority of the time I will make a braid as well to avoid tangles throughout her sleep. Every morning I will brush her hair or do a hairstyle with minimal hair products. I use products that are more natural-based to avoid damages from harmful ingredients.

E’ahnah Breeze loves to dress up! During the summer days, she enjoys wearing dresses, skirts, shorts, and sunglasses. During the winter days, she must wear gloves, boots, and beanies with her outfits. My little Breeze is very color coordinated so when she dresses herself she makes sure that her clothes, along with her socks and sneakers, match in some way. She is not necessarily picky, as long as it aligns with her looking fabulous! When at home, the majority of the time she loves wearing bathing suits or a character costume. Overall she is a bundle of joy and styling is definitely something that is a must for her.

She is currently being homeschooled in the kindergarten level by me, her mom, and already knows how to read and write. My little Breeze loves reading all different types of books. Anything involving a very fascinating storyline catches her eye. The more unique it is, the better! E’ahnah Breeze is a hands-on type of girl so she loves building things, such as Legos and blocks. She enjoys every type of crafting activities and absolutely loves science experiments. She is very outdoorsy and loves adventurous outings. My little Breeze’s ultimate favorite movie now is My Little Pony Movie. She loves to be in character so she has named all of the girls in our family a pony character and since pink is her favorite color she takes the role of Pinky Pie from the My Little Pony Movie. E’ahnah Breeze’s favorite song currently is One Small Thing by Kristin Chenoweth from the My Little Pony Movie. Her favorite quote she says consistently is “do you remember…” and that is when she attempts to defend herself from her wants and needs.

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