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Every child deserves a space to call their own to properly flourish and grow.  A place where they can learn, create, and discover what they love allowing their mind to wander and their imagination to run free. For many children, their bedroom is a small sanctuary where they are surrounded by their objects, taking pleasure and comfort in familiar toys and furnishings. What better way to truly make their room their own sanctuary than by allowing them to personalize their room with these creative DIY fabric projects? These will help them decorate their space in a way that makes them happy allowing their creative juices to build something all their own instilling a love of creating and a feeling of ownership. Nothing will make them prouder than entering their own space that showcases their work product! So let’s get started and remember don’t let your idea of perfection get in the way of your child’s idea of very good.  

Check out these great crafts!

  1. Wall Initials

This is a simple, easy and fun project to add a little bit of personalization to your child’s wall! There are many ways to decorate these adorable and personalized décor letters, so here are a few we love. To begin, you will need a paper mache letter of your child’s initials, name, or another word they love. For the first design, you will need yarn in a fun color, such as this. Turn the letter over so its back is facing upward, and glue the end of the yarn to the back of the letter, at the very top edge. Once the glue is dry and the yarn is secure, turn the letter over and carefully begin wrapping the yarn around the letter, making sure there are no gaps visible between the yarn strands. Once you have reached the bottom edge of the letter, turn it over once more and glue this end to the back as well.

The next design is great if you have leftover scraps of fabric around your home, but you can also purchase a bundle of fabric squares such as these! It is best to cover your work area for this design because it can get quite messy! Place the letter down right side up, and cover it in a layer of Mod Podge Glue and Finish using a sponge brush. Begin placing fabric scraps on the letter and smooth them out so there are no air bubbles. Once it is covered, add another layer of Mod Podge on top. When this side is dry, turn the letter so its back faces upward. Coat this side with more Mod Podge and then fold the fabric ends and smooth them over as well so there are no air pockets. Once the letters are dry, either design can be decorated even more with buttons and jewels glued to the front for added flair!

  1. Headband Holder

This next craft is great and also very useful, especially for curly girls who love to accessorize their hair! Firstly, you will need an empty container, oatmeal containers work best in terms of height and width. Get a piece of fabric that will completely cover the container and cut it to size, leaving about an extra inch on the top and bottom. Make sure this fabric is free of wrinkles then lay it down flat with the pattern side down. Glue a line down the length of the container and place it to the fabric. Once it is dry, begin rolling the container until it is fully covered in fabric, then glue the other end down. Fold the fabric at the top over the lip of the container and glue it down. Do the same with the bottom fabric. Set the container aside to dry and now paint the top of the container. Once it is dry, add a ring of glue to the inside of the lid and secure it to the top of the container. Once that is done, you will need a pedestal to place the headband holder on. A pedestal of unfinished wood works best, so paint this your desired color. When it is dry, use super glue or another strong glue to secure the container onto the pedestal. Once everything is dry, the headband holder is set and your child can begin to add their headbands to this adorable piece of decor!

  1. Hair Bow and Clip Holder

Here is another craft to help your curly girl organize her accessories—this time bows and clips! This is a fun craft with tons of ways to customize and personalize that your daughter will love!  For the first design, you will need a wooden dowel as the base. Next, you will need a fabric ribbon that is about an inch thick, make sure it is a cute and fun ribbon your child will like, such as these! Cut the ribbon into approximately four-foot lengths (but they may be longer depending on how many bows and clips your daughter has). Tie each ribbon into a slipknot, which you can find a tutorial for here, and slip the dowel into each loop, making sure they are secure and will not slip. Tie ribbons onto the entire length of the dowel, leaving about an inch on each side. Take one last piece of ribbon and tie each end to the tips of the dowel; this will allow your child to hang this organizer on the wall for easy access! This is the most basic design for this craft, but it can be accessorized in many ways to make it more personal for your child. You can also use a wooden plaque in place of the dowel. This allows your child to decorate it however they want! Then, cut the ribbons into shorter lengths, about two feet. Glue one end of each ribbon to the back of the plaque, leaving the other ends to hang freely.

Another fun design for this bow holder is to use yarn in place of the ribbon. It is an excellent use of any leftover yarn you may have from our first project! This version of the design is super creative and would be especially fun for kids, and with awesome results, they will love. To begin, you will need another wooden plaque; you can use the same square ones mentioned above. Then you can glue the ends of the yarn to the back of the plaque just like the ribbons. However, there is a way to customize this more. For example, you can create a unicorn bow holder using this wooden unicorn wall plaque. Let your child paint their own unicorn face on it, then once it is dry, turn it over so it is face down. Cut many strands of yarn to about three or four feet, then glue the tips of them to the top edge of the back of the plaque so when it is turned over, the yarn will fall over the top like a unicorn’s mane. This can also be done on other fun shapes like clouds to create a rainbow, hearts, or even your child’s initial! The possibilities are as limitless as your child’s imagination!

  1. Pillows and Blankets

You can never have enough pillows and blankets! These are a great way for your child to make their room extra cozy, and give it a personal touch they can be proud of creating! The easiest way is to create no-sew pillows and blankets from fleece. Fleece is best to use because it is soft and also will not fray when cut. To begin, line up two squares of fabric at the desired size, making sure the sides you want outward are now facing inward, so the pillow is essentially inside out. Cut three-inch slits into the pillow at one-inch intervals until they go all the way around the pillow. Begin tying each slit of fabric to the slit lined up on the other piece of fabric. Tie the entire pillow except for a small four-inch or so gap. Turn the pillow inside out, then begin to stuff cotton into it. After that, tie off the last few strips to seal off the pillow and it’s done! To make a blanket, follow the same procedure, only with a larger length of fabric. Once both fabrics are tied together except for a ten-inch gap, turn the blanket inside out and tie the rest of the strips together, this time without the cotton. Then it is done! 

  1. Memo Board

This next project is a cute and fun way for your child to organize some of her favorite paper mementos, such as pictures of friends, important notes, cards and more. This memo board will need a borderless cork sheet as its base. Next, you will need a sheet of fabric of your child’s choosing; make sure it is larger than the corkboard. Place the fabric pattern side down and place the corkboard on top. Fold the fabric edges over and glue them down to the back of the corkboard, making sure there are no wrinkles or folds on the front. Next, take thin strips of fabric ribbon, about half an inch, and cut into strips that will reach diagonally across the board. Place the first ribbon diagonally across the board so it goes across the exact center. Glue this piece down, then add a dab of glue to the back of the ribbon about every four inches, then fold the ends over the back and glue to the back of the board. Repeat this step for each ribbon, separating each by about four inches, then do it in the opposite way, to create a diamond pattern. You can then accent where each ribbon intersects with a button or other decoration. Lastly, take one last length of ribbon and glue each end to the top corners of the back of the board, and you will be able to hang your memo board! 

  1. Rag Rug

To begin this project, you will need a nonslip mat that has large spaces between the weaving. Next, you will need plenty of scraps of fabric. This is especially an excellent way to repurpose old t-shirts—hence why this type of DIY rug is typically known as a “rag rug.” Cut the fabric into strips that are about four inches long and one inch wide. Begin tying the strips to the non-slip mat, and continue to do this until there are no visible holes or mat visible. Make sure all the knots are on the bottom and the ends of the fabric point upward in the same direction to create a soft and fuzzy rug! 

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