Curlee Girlee loves these spring trends and your curly kids will too!

Spring is fast approaching!  As the days begin to get longer and brighter, our outfits will reflect our sunnier moods.  New clothing means new hair accessories to match! The world of fashion changes quickly and trends come and go, at Curlee Girlee, staying timeless and true to our unique selves means exploring fashion and styles as they come and go.  We compiled a list of eight trends you are going to see this Spring to keep your curls stylin’! 


Pearls are predicted to be one of the biggest trends this Spring, and with good reason!  Pearls are so timeless and classic and can really take any outfit up that extra notch. Luckily, they are very versatile and come in plenty of different styles for accessories so there is always a way to accent an outfit with these. You can find pearls on barrettes, headbands, and more. Pearls, of course, are also an excellent way to make an outfit more formal, so they are the perfect hair accessory for curly girls who have special occasions coming up this Spring. Twists such as these go beautifully into updos that can be worn for being a flower girl, attending school dances, or making a birthday extra special!


Headbands return this Spring and make our list of top Spring trends! Headbands are a classic favorite for girls everywhere, so we are so happy to add them to this list! This accessory is as functional as it is fashionable since it can help girls keep their hair out of their face—this is especially important for girls who are playing, reading, engaging in sports activities, creating art, or doing experiments such as these. Curls can be hard to tame and it can be hard to find headbands that will fit and stay on. These fabric headbands are awesome for curls and are super cute! They will sit snug, even when your daughter wants to play! These wire headbands are made for curls—they are simple and elegant and can be used for many occasions! 

Hair scarves

Hair scarves are super cute and can be worn in so many creative ways! This Spring, you will see hair scarves mostly braided into the hair. However, hair scarves can be used in plenty of other ways. They can be used as headbands by tying them at the top of the head, and they can be used as a hair tie by tying the hair back. They can also be used to add an extra touch to an already completed hairstyle, such as tying it around the hair tie used in a bun, ponytail, or half-up half-down style. These are a very versatile accessory with limitless possibilities!


It’s no great surprise that flowers are going to be big this Spring!  Interspersing flowers in your curls is a gorgeous look in the coming months, and will be very fitting for getting you in the Springtime mood! Lavender is predicted to be the most popular this Spring, but all flowers are going to be worn. There are endless ways to wear flowers in your hair. Flower crowns have definitely been popular the past few years, and that trend is going to continue. A single flower clip is also a great idea! There are even fancy flower clips that can be used as well for special occasions—they would go great with the pearls mentioned above! 


Scrunchies recently made a big comeback, (though I confess I have been wearing them for years),  and it seems like they are here to stay! Scrunchies are an old favorite for many, especially older curly girls who grew up when scrunchies were all the rage! Now, the favorite hair tie is back and going to be a favorite this Spring. Scrunchies are amazing, especially for curly hair. They are strong and will hold the hair in place for long periods. They are soft and won’t pinch or get tangled, and they won’t break and snap off of thick hair either! Scrunchies with ribbons will also be big this spring, and they are a great way to tie hair back while also having the fashionable look of a hair scarf! 


Hair wraps are a super fun way to add style to your hair! Young girls especially love to style their hair with these. In fact, our original Curlee Girlee Ari got a hair wrap while on a trip to Portugal! They can easily be done at home by braiding a lock of hair and then wrapping it tightly in embroidery floss. Our article on 4 Awesome Ideas for Hair Wraps and Extensions that can be done at home will definitely help style a hair wrap for your daughter!

Curlee Girlee loves these spring trends!


Beads can go great with hair wraps or by themselves! They are a great and simple accent to add to your hair. They work as a cute end to a hair wrap or can be used to add a little more style to some braids. This is another accessory that has a myriad of possibilities, and the ways to use them are limitless! These beads are excellent for being used in hairstyles, and young curly girls will love the fun colors! These metallic beads are simpler and can add an elegant look to a hairstyle. 

80s Hair

The big hair of the 1980s is coming back! Luckily for curly girls everywhere, this means that curls are going to be all the rage this spring! It is time to truly embrace your curls this Spring if you haven’t already! Show off your curly hair proudly, because big curls are what everyone will want to be wearing this spring. Try accentuating your big curls with a scrunchie for a perfect retro look! Don’t forget the hairspray!

Atara Twersky, author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to read one of our latest article about fabric crafts Curlee Girlee loves, and your child will too!

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