My girl started her curly journey in 2016 after she had a stroke on a family vacation, it was her first year in high school. She had to have brain surgery for a condition the doctors discovered she has called Moya-Moya. Her hair was shaved on the right side temple, about a 3in./2in. space was left. Although she’s an Honor Roll student and singing is her passion, she struggled with her hair. Her arms would get tired from trying to style it, she would feel emotionally and physically defeated. But then her older sister walked up behind her and cut off her excess hair which always in a raggedy bun. She cut off all of her excess relaxed hair, leaving only her natural hair. After the crying stopped, I heard her singing again! She rocks her natural curls and owns them. She’s a Junior in high school now, still an Honor Roll student, and has joined the school choir. She loves trying out new looks with her curls.


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