Curlee Girlee of the Week Carrie with the Curls!

We love this week’s Curlee Girlee of the Week Carrie with the Curls, who is such a wonderful curly haired model.  Here is Carrie with the Curls in her own words:  “I remember growing up my mom used to always straighten my sister’s and my hair. I never knew why, it was just the norm. Especially for “back to school”, straight hair was a must. It was seen as more “acceptable”. If you had straight hair you were cool and desirable. It wasn’t until I got to college when I really started to embrace my curly hair. I saw other girls wearing their hair curly and they looked so confident and natural. Once I started wearing my natural hair, I started to have the most confidence I’d ever had. Not to mention, the most compliments I’d ever received! My curls are what makes me, me. I wouldn’t be me without them. Some people say that my curly hair is my trademark! Now I use my social media to inspire other curly girls to embrace their natural hair, and as a middle school teacher, I hope I inspire young girls who are like myself when I was their age.

Carrie we love that you are such a role model for Curly girls everywhere, not just as a beautiful curly hair model but as a teacher for middle school kids- the world needs more curly girls like you!

Carrie is 25 years old and lived in Richmond, Va.

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