Curlee Girlee Partners with Water for South Sudan on World Water Day!

During this difficult time where Coronavirus, quarantine and social distancing have become part of our new language, let’s remember that we still have the power to help others and in doing so we are ourselves will begin to feel renewed, empowered and even joyful.  Water for South Sudan is a powerful and important organization whose mission is to deliver a transformative and sustainable quality of life to the people of South Sudan by providing access to clean and safe water thereby improving hygiene, health and day to day activities in areas throughout Africa.  Curlee Girlee partners with Water for South Sudan on World Water Day! We are so happy to take part in this important mission!
I had the pleasure of interviewing Salva Dut, the protagonist in the book, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, for my podcast (Episode to air shortly, stay tuned!).  Salva was one of the lost boys of Sudan, who found himself, as a very young boy, in the midst of a war and walking for years to safety.  He lost many family members, watched friends die in horrific ways and was lonely and alone robbed of his formative, childhood years.  After many years of walking, he found himself in a refugee camp and eventually was chosen to go to America, where hope, education and a new life awaited him.  Salva went to school, found a new “adopted” family and eventually found himself able to smile and laugh again, but he never forgot where he came from or how he got to where he was.  As soon as circumstances allowed, he set out to give back to those children, women, and men in Africa and bring running and clean water to towns everywhere.  Here in the US, we take for granted running water and the multiple ways to obtain fresh water.  But without water children cannot go to school, they cannot play, girls cannot clean themselves when menstruating so lack of water permeates and affects every aspect of their lives.  Running water can actually be the difference between a child going to school and getting an education and not going to school.  Water for South Sudan brings Well water to all parts of Africa,  Here at Curlee Girlee we will do our small part to contribute what we can through the proceeds of our book sales on World Water Day 2020, March 22, 2020.  Purchase Curlee Girlee’s Got Talent and we will share our proceeds today with this wonderful organization.  Help Curlee Girlee continue our mission of Empowering Girls (and boys!) Everywhere!  Share this post with at least 5 friends and together let’s do our share of kindness during this Corona-difficult-time!

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