Valentine’s Day is here and Curlee Girlee wants to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day is here!  This cute and fantastic holiday is all about love and showing those close to us how much we love and cherish them. Traditionally Valentine’s Day evokes images of romantic dinners and red roses with chocolate boxes but Valentine’ day is also a great opportunity to show your daughter just how much you care about her. Make your child your Valentine this year! Here are eight Valentine’s Day activities you two can do together to empower your daughter, bond with her, and make her feel even more loved! 

Check out all of these great activities!

  • Spa Day

This is a great day activity to help you bond with your daughter! This will give you both time for some much-needed rest and relaxation while also allowing you to spend time together in a calm and peaceful environment to catch up on girl talk. You can, of course, book an appointment at any of your local spas, or you can try creating a home spa for a new experience! First, get into some fuzzy robes or something cozy like your favorite pajamas. Begin with a face mask. There are plenty of awesome DIY face masks kids will love here. Once that is set, do a foot soak using a plastic tub, and fill it with water and Orbeez for a messaging effect. Add in some drops of lavender essential oil for a calming and pleasant fragrance too. At this time, you can sit back, relax, and catch up on everything going on in your daughter’s life. You two can also enjoy some fancy spa snacks such as tea-time sandwiches, kid-friendly “mocktails,” or ice water infused with fresh fruit. These details are sure to make your daughter feel pampered, loved and like a mini grown-up. Spa days may become a new tradition! 

  • Leave Notes and Letters

Leaving notes and/or writing letters for your daughter is such a simple activity but will leave a lasting impact on her. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, use heart-shaped sticky notes. On them, write something you love about your daughter, something to inspire her, or just a reminder that she is loved and special. Stick these in places she can find them such as in her lunchbox, her backpack, the bathroom mirror, or on her favorite pair of shoes! It will be a wonderful surprise for her that will always make her feel loved and cherished.

  • Movie Night

Put on your favorite pajamas and settle into a bundle of blankets with your daughter! Choose a movie that you will both enjoy. For Valentine’s Day, this may be a perfect time for a princess movie filled with love and romance, or of course, you can also just pick one of your favorites! Turn off the lights and get comfortable, but make sure to grab some snacks! Try a new treat for some extra excitement; such as “party popcorn” which includes popcorn, chocolate, and sprinkles

  • Mani-Pedis

This can be done along with your spa day, or can be done on its own! This one is pretty simple but still full of fun and quality bonding time! Make sure neither of you has polish on either of your toenails or fingernails; if you do, make sure to remove it for a clean canvas! Then grab whatever nail polish you want to use. Here is a pack of polish in some awesome colors your daughter will love! It may be a fun idea to paint each other’s nails for more bonding. Try some fun designs such as these, or grab a nail art kit, which has tons of great ideas and accessories to give you and your daughter the best nails ever! Put on some upbeat pop music to make this a real fun party for two!

  • Read Together

Similar to movie night, pick a spot to get comfortable with your girl. Beds are a great place to get cozy and read a good book. Turn down the bright lights and hang up some pretty string lights such as these, or hearts for Valentine’s Day. Get into your favorite pajamas and snuggle in! Read some fun Valentine’s Day books such as This is NOT a Valentine, Love, Mama, or Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse, or books that will empower young girls, such as Dear, Girl, and of course, Curlee Girlee and Curlee Girlee’s Got Talent! Reading is always best with a warm drink too, so try some Valentine’s Day hot chocolate and add some heart-shaped marshmallows on top!

  1. Bake together

For creative girls, ones who love baking or ones who want to learn, this is a great activity to do together! Baking together is a classic and fun mother-daughter bonding activity, plus you will enjoy a sweet treat you can both be proud of! For a challenge, try creating a recipe from scratch. Or you can skip to the fun part—decorating! For that, choose your treat of choice: cake, brownies, cookies, etc, and follow the label on the package of the mix. Once they are baked and cooled, you can have a decorating party together. Get tons of fun Valentine’s Day decorations, like pink and red frosting, and heart-shaped sprinkles. This activity can definitely get messy, so prepare for some cleanup!

  • Valentine’s Day STEM Activities

There are plenty of STEM activities that can be adapted to fit Valentine’s Day themes. One experiment that pairs very well with Valentine’s Day is the color-changing flower experiment detailed in our 7 Science Experiments for Kids post. Take some white carnations or roses available for Valentine’s Day and begin the experiment! The next activity is for girls who are interested in coding. This activity allows kids to create a code using pipe cleaners and beads. Check out the instructions here. This next experiment revolves around using toothpicks and gummy hearts to create structures. These structures are meant to help future engineers learn about physics. You can find all the instructions here. This last experiment involves the classic conversation candy hearts. For this, place a candy heart into different liquids such as water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and milk to see the different reactions and dissolving times of each liquid. Find the full instructions here!

  • Start a scrapbook

This is such a fun, creative activity that you and your daughter can cherish for years to come! Grab any photos and paper mementos that you want to put in your scrapbook and settle down and get comfy with your daughter. Together, begin to create a scrapbook for her. This is a great way to remind her of all her great accomplishments and happiest moments throughout her life. This is such a special activity to do together that will make your daughter feel loved and empowered.

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