Curlee Girlee presents awards to curly influencers who are making a difference for curly girls everywhere!

At Curlee Girlee, our mission is to empower girls with curls to love their natural hair and embrace themselves just as they are.  We were so very honored to be named a TODAY SHOW STYLE HERO alongside so many impactful women like Bobbi Brown, Pink, Faith Hill, Tyra Banks, and so many others.  Now it is our turn to acknowledge and pay tribute to all those amazing curly girl influencers who similarly work tirelessly on behalf of women teaching them amazing techniques, important curly-tips, best product advice and so much more! These women love curls and they want to help others feel the same!   Here at Curlee Girlee, we are celebrating inspiring curly girl influencers.  So if you have made it to this list, grab your badge, share it and let everyone know just who you are and how you are making a difference.  Loving our hair just as it is and teaching our children to do the same will ensure the next generation of curly confident women. Let’s ring in the New Year wearing our curls proudly and make this year one filled with confidence and love! 


  1.     Niathelight is a tour de force in the world of curly hair. A model, an upcoming author, a world traveler, an entrepreneur, she is a curly hair influencer with an Instagram following of over 400k followers and a YouTube channel with over 90k subscribers. She is the creator of #happyfroday, an Instagram hashtag created to make natural curly girls feel confident in showing off their afros. Currently, she is anticipating the opening of her new hair salon, The Curl Bar, located in London, which opens January 15, 2020. Her debut self-help book, The Book of Light, also launches in 2020.


  1.     Nushcope is a vibrant and positive influence to her 52k Instagram followers. She recently began hosting her own podcast, The Changemakers Podcast, where she discusses topics such as mental health, equality, and the environment.


  1.     NaturallyGlam is all about beauty, fashion, and of course, curls! She posts about all of her interests and daily life on her Instagram as well as her YouTube channel. Currently, she is working on her self-titled podcast, where she talks about all things curls and gives amazing advice to fellow curly girls. 


  1.     Lillischaub is all about embracing her natural curls and wants other curly girls to love their hair as well, so she posts plenty of hair tips and tricks on her Instagram.


  1.     Lana Summer is truly in the know when it comes to curls. Her YouTube channel is filled with videos all about curly hair, how to style it, product testing, and much more that her 300k+ subscribers love! She posts many of her gorgeous and creative hair-dos to her Instagram, where she has nearly 80k followers.


  1.     Natashazoloto is a curly girl and dancer. She posts on her Instagram gorgeous glamor shots of her beautiful curls, her fashion, and her dance moves. Her sister is a curly girl too!


  1.     Hair Romance is a blogger and best-selling author with gorgeous rose gold curls. She posts about her curls, her travels, and daily life to her 65k+ Instagram followers. Her YouTube is an excellent go-to for every hairstyle and hair-do a curly girl could need!


  1.     Iriscurlsallout is the owner of Curls All Out, a salon in New Jersey that specializes in curly hair.


  1.     Naptural85 is a mom, a wife, a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, and an influencer—she does it all! She is the creator of Melanin Haircare, a line of natural hair products. Natural hair products are amazing curly hair and here is our recommendation for the 3 Best Natural Products for Curly hair. Naptura185 has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and runs a blog as well.



  1. Mia_devacurl is an amazing hairstylist at Devachan Salon, and has styled Curlee Girlee’s very own original Curlee Girlee Ari! She is one of the best stylists for curly girls to go to in NYC!


  1. Lynnkatee is all about self-care, beauty and hair care. She shares her daily life, filled with curly hair routines, hairstyling, and fashion with her 200k+ followers on Instagram and 27k YouTube subscribers.


  1. _thtblasiangirl loves fashion and her curls! She posts about both on her Instagram and her YouTube!


  1. Itsrimi is known for her long, dark curls. On her YouTube, with over 100k subscribers, she creates tons of curly hairstyles that other curly girls are sure to love!


  1. Curlastic is a curly mom, wife and software engineer who enjoys posting about her curls, how to care for and style them, on her Instagram and YouTube.


    15.  Jewellianna Palencia is an excellent source for all things curly. Her YouTube channel, where she has nearly 500k subscribers, is loaded with curly hair tutorials, tips, and tricks.

  1. Itsravennavera was a Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year nominee for 2019. She loves fashion and travel and documents her life to her 238k subscribers on her YouTube channel.


  1. Chrissycollins_hair is a haircut and color specialist who is dedicated to curly hair. She is a curly hair educator who wants to help spread information for curls and help everyone learn to maintain their curls and love them.


  1. Faithincurls is a hair specialist for all types of curls! She posts on her Instagram and Youtube channel giving advice and tutorials with her expert knowledge. 


  1. Curly_hair_stories is a classy lady with gorgeous curls, which she shares with her 18k followers, along with pictures of all her travels.


  1. Dana Marie keeps it real when it comes to all things curly. Dana is an amazing source for her 160k+ YouTube subscribers because she consistently posts incredibly helpful tutorials, reviews, and more!


  1. Thatcurlygirlmonica is a specialist dedicated to helping her fellow curly girls on her Instagram, where she posts tutorials and tips.


  1. Sunkissalba is a health, beauty, and wellness enthusiast. With over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Alba is a force within the curl community. She also writes about all things related to beauty, hair, and skincare on her blog.


  1. MyCurlyroom wants all curly girls to embrace their natural curls and is a specialist in all types of curls.


  1. Curlswithcoral loves to show off her curls along with helpful tips, and also gorgeous photos of her family.


  1. Swavy Curly Courtney is documenting her journey to healthier curls with her YouTube channel, where she posts plenty of reviews for all products curly girls love and need.


  1. Curlsfirst uses her Instagram to post pictures of her gorgeous curls, her hair routines, and many of the products she uses in order to create her looks and maintain her curls.


  1. Radicallycurly is a hair salon located in Henderson, Nevada that is all about curly hair. They use their Instagram to post pictures of their clients, all with curly hair. If you’re a curly girl in the Nevada area, definitely give these experts a visit!


  1. Curlson5th is a curl specialist who was a Devacurl stylist for over 18 years.


  1. Indiabatson, like many curly girls, straightened her hair as a child to try and fit it. Eventually, she learned to care for her curls and began to embrace them wholeheartedly. Some of her favorite curly hair products include Amika’s Curl Corps Gel, DevaCurl’s Melt into Moisture Mask, and SheaMoisture’s Manuka Honey and Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein Power Treatment.


  1. Luhhsetty is a funny, charming and relatable influencer who loves her curls. She posts curl positive tutorials, reviews, and routines to her YouTube channel, where she has more than 2.5 million subscribers.


  1. Jorjigardiner is a student and an influencer living it up and posting about her fun adventures and her beautiful curls on her Instagram.


  1. Curlygirleesh is a new and upcoming influencer who is very promising in the curly community. Check out her YouTube for great videos all about curls and how to maintain them.


  1. Kozmacurl is dedicated to celebrating all curly hair. They have created their own line of curly products, which are all cruelty-free and contain no silicones, sulfates or parabens.


  1. Boldentwins are our youngest influencers on this list. These adorable fraternal twins love to show off their curls and post pictures of their family and all the fun adventures they have.


  1. Naturalneiicey is an expert when it comes to curls, and even has her own bundle of faves available on devacurls’ website, which includes curly hair favorites such as Ultra Defining Gel and Leave-In Decadence. With over 560k+ subscribers on YouTube, people love her curl-centric videos, which range from product and technique testings to tutorials and reviews. 


  1. Cheryllwellesrijer was Miss Caribbean Plussize Universe in 2014 and Miss Suriname Plussize in 2013. She is all about body positivity and being confident in who she is—that includes loving her curls!


  1. Biancareneetoday is a curly hair enthusiast who uses her platform of 100k+ Instagram followers and 460k YouTube subscribers to inform others about curly hair. Her videos and posts are filled with great reviews and recommendations for curly hair products and advice.


  1. Taylored.curls is a Devachan salon stylist in NYC who is dedicated to educating others about curls.


  1. Danagagliotti is a digital creator who uses her Instagram and YouTube to spread love for curls and give other curly girls inspiration.


  1. Bwatuwant is a model and Instagram influencer who is all about curl empowerment. She posts about her love for her curls, her hairstyles and her daily life on her Instagram to over 200K followers.


  1. Hif3licia is an expert when it comes to growing healthy curls. On her YouTube channel, which has over 45k subscribers, she teaches her viewers how to maintain healthy curls and shares all her best curly hair tips. She runs her own Instagram with 270k followers, and as well as @growinupcurly, which is devoted to teaching kids all about curly hair care and how to embrace their curls. This is our main goal at Curlee Girlee—to help kids grow up loving their curls. If your child is showing signs of disliking their hair, this is an excellent Instagram to inspire them, and also read our article on 5 Things to Do or Say if Your Daughter is Showing Signs of Hating Her Curly Hair.


  1. Ta.marah is a curl influencer who has just begun co-hosting a podcast, Being and Blossoming, a great listen to empower girls everywhere.


  1. Risasrizos’s tagline says it all: Curls, Beauty, and Everything In Between! She is a bilingual YouTuber, Instagrammer, and blogger who is on a journey to grow and maintain healthy curls.


  1. Curlsbycandace is a curl specialist and educator who owns her own salon, Candace Witherspoon Salon in NYC.


  1. Lialotusofficial is a kind and passionate influencer who posts many fashionable pictures showcasing her style and her glorious curls.


  1. Tach.j is dedicated to health, wellness, and beauty. On her Instagram, she shares with her 63k followers tips for hair and skin care, and how to improve their lives with plenty of wellness tips. 


  1. Sayriajade is a workout champ as well as a curl influencer. On both her Instagram and her YouTube, she posts about her lifestyle, which consists of fitness inspiration, curly tutorials, and everything else that inspires her.


  1. Curlsallover is proud of her curls and loves to show them off on her Instagram along with her amazing sense of style and pictures from her travels.


  1. Jojosfro loves to travel the world and shows off her beautiful curls on her Instagram with every new place she goes!


  1. Curly_sonali is a curly girl living in India. She loves to make funny and relatable curly hair posts as well as product reviews and pictures of herself rocking her curls. Her Instagram is a perfect go-to for fellow curly girls who want relatable content and curly advice.

We all have a goal that we are trying to reach

We hope this list will give you plenty of influencers to look up to and to inspire you on your curly hair journey. Curlee Girlee will continue its own journey to help children embrace their curly hair and all their unique features in 2020, and we hope you all join us on this adventure. We have plenty more things to come, and these influencers will help us all to promote love for curly hair and everything else that makes us all unique! 

Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to read our recent article about the passing of the Crown Act!

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