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Jarely Jones, also known to her 32k+ followers on Instagram as @faithincurls, is a curly hair expert and specialist! Jarely is the founder and owner of Faith in Curls, a curly hair salon right near Disney’s Orlando, Florida. Jarely had never planned to be a hairdresser and originally planned to go into the medical field, but as she grew older, she began to embrace her natural curls. She began slowly to let go of hair-heating products and took greater care to ensure that her curls thrive! While on her hair journey, Jarely stumbled upon another social media account dedicated to curls and became inspired. 

“I knew in my heart that this was it. This was the career I had been longing to find. So I decided to quit my job where I was working at a nursing home and began cosmetology school two weeks later,” she told Curlee Girlee during an interview we did with Faith in Curls.

Jarely was later able to open her own salon Faith in Curls (how much do we love that name?!) in December of 2016 and has been thriving ever since. The salon specializes in type 2 to type 4 curls. The Faith in Curls site also has a handy guide for curly girls to help them identify what curl type they have, so they can customize their own hair journeys as best they can. Jarely, as a hairdresser at her salon, offers uniquely crafted curly haircuts and uses her own expert style of cutting. 

Jarely opened Faith in Curls when she was only in her early twenties and believes it is one of her best decisions yet! Despite being so young, Jarely had already built up a loyal and ardent clientele, so when the opportunity to open her own salon was presented to her, she grabbed it. Faith in Curls was created because Jarely wanted to be able to work independently and create a space for her and her faithful and new clients where they could talk to one another about all things curly. A place where they could get more familiar and more comfortable with each other to build a wonderful relationship that would benefit her clients. This has definitely been the case business at the Faith in Curls Salon has been booming ever since its opening. Jarely believes her success as a hairdresser and salon owner is due to her passion and dedication to curly hair. She believes a good hairdresser such as herself is not only responsible for a good haircut and style, but also for creating a good relationship between herself and her clients, especially those who may have had bad experiences in salons before visiting Faith in Curls. When a customer leaves satisfied, Jarely feels she is doing exactly what she should be. Jarely has gone through her own struggles with curly hair. Hard to manage curls and negative salon experiences have made Jarely even more dedicated to honing her craft and giving clients the best salon experience she can. She believes a positive salon experience will help all curly girls be able to embrace their natural hair and feel less alone in their struggles. 

Jarely believes many other factors lead to a happy hair journey and healthy curls, including finding the products that work best for you! Jarely’s favorite curly hair products are Devacurl’s Super Cream and Ultra Defining Gel, but Faith in Curls also has plenty of recommended products available for purchase on their website! She also recommends finding other curly girls that you can confide in; find friends who know and understand your hair struggles, friends you can ask questions and share tips with. This will not only improve your knowledge of all things curl-related, but it will give you an excellent support system as well!  

A good system of friends who understand what you are going through is very important, especially in being able to combat the stigmas around having curly hair. With a group of loving friends, curly girls will be more confident in their own curls. Confidence and embracing one’s own unique features, such as curly hair, if incredibly important, especially for young, impressionable girls. Jarely understands the struggles that come with growing up as a curly girl, and that is why she is so determined to specialize in just curls and be able to promote a curl-positive experience at her salon. She believes loving and embracing their hair is one of the most important things curly girls can be taught to do. From a young age, many girls are bombarded by messages that say straight or wavy hair is the most beautiful, and so curly girls may feel as though they don’t belong and that they aren’t equally as beautiful. We need people like Faith in Curls to tell girls that this isn’t the truth and that they are beautiful and so are their curls. Jarely wants to create a sense of belonging for curly girls everywhere so they can grow up confident and loving themselves.

  Jarely says, “My biggest hope for little girls with curly hair is to create a curly culture that can show the world that being naturally curly is a beautiful quality that does not need to be tamed. I hope that more little curly girls learn to do their hair at a younger age so that they can grow into confident teenagers and young adults without insecurity about their natural curls!”

At Curlee Girlee, we are dedicated to teaching children to embrace their unique features, especially their curls, so we are ecstatic to have such passionate and devoted people such as Jarely and Faith in Curls in the curl community. We highly recommend stopping in to say hello to her and her wonderful team when near the Disney area! 


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