Devacurl Transformation:  Mia NYC’s top Devacurl Stylist!

Curly girls know that getting a haircut is no simple matter.  You cannot simply walk into any salon and just get a tiny trim.  Nobody knows that better than Mia at the Devachon Salon in NYC.  Luckily Mia is not just our best go-to curly hairdresser, but also a friend, so when Ari needed a back-to-school-emergency-cut, we were so happy that Brittany and Mia fit us right in.  The results were nothing less than amazing.  I don’t I realized how much Summer “abuse” my curly girl’s hair had taken, until Mia, literally revived it with her products and cut.  Mia is truly an expert and a gifted curly girl stylist!  Thanks Mia you are awesome!!

Mia is a DevaCurl stylist who works at DevaChon Salons in Manhattan.  She is an expert in the DevaCut, which is a specialized technique for cutting curls that was created specially by DevaCurl. There are many curly girls out there who have had negative experiences at hairdressers due to the stylists’ lack of understanding curly hair, and so they cut it as though it is the same as straight hair, which is not the case. Because of this DevaChon Salons created this cutting technique, which can be used on many types of curly and wavy hair. This cutting style is done on dry hair, which allows Mia and other DevaCurl stylists to be able to see the shape of the client’s hair and how their curls will fall. This technique has been perfected by the DevaChon experts over the years and has been adopted by many DevaCurl stylists like Mia. Stylists can become specialists in this technique by taking classes with DevaChon at their academy in SoHo in Manhattan. There, they can become Deva-certified, can learn DevaChon specialties such as the DevaCut, and can become masters of cutting, styling, and coloring curly hair of all kinds.

Mia works at two DevaChon salons in Manhattan, in SoHo and the Upper West Side, and she is always welcoming new clients. For the curly girls not in the New York area, Mia will be on Curlee Girlee’s site ready to answer whatever questions you have! For now, Mia’s favorite piece of advice is to keep it simple. She also recommends not using brushes or flat irons on curly hair, since they can ruin curls, and she wants women and girls to accept their hair as it is.

Mia understands the difficulties that can come with having curly hair, being a curlee girlee herself.  Her own hair journey was what inspired her to become a curl expert and stylist.

“I wanted to help other curly girls who were struggling,” Mia says in her DevaCurl profile.

Many curly girls have their own struggles and must go through their own hair journeys. Mia understands this and knows every client is unique and needs a personalized experience. Not all people are the same, and not all hair is the same either, so Mia is happy to get to know clients and the fans of Curlee Girlee to help young girls who are just beginning their hair journeys.

Her advice for those who are just beginning their hair journeys is to begin by talking with a specialist. She said to consult with a curl expert rather than doing your own internet research or buying a ton of products that may not work on your hair just because it worked on other curls.

Mia’s favorite curly hair product to use is Flexible Hold Hairspray. She believes hairspray is vital for curly girls because when it is sprayed into wet hair, it will keep curls set for days. DevaCurl is a well-known name in the world of curls, and they have plenty of products for curly girls all over the world. All of their products are free of sulfates, parabens, silicon, and gluten, and are also cruelty-free. They have all of their products available on their site, so once you know what products will work best for your curls, see what DevaCurl can offer you with their amazing and high-quality products! DevaCurl offers every hair product you could imagine needing for your curls, including numerous types of shampoos and conditioners, gels, masks, and more. They even offer tools such as diffusers for hairdryers and towels specifically made for drying curls. There are plenty of products so that every type of curl is represented and can be helped and cared for. DevaCurl even allows clients to filter through categories to find what will help their hair the best. For those who are just beginning their own hair journey, DevaCurl also has a quiz that will help curly girls discover what kind of curls they have. However, this quiz is just a starting point, and curly girls should always consult a professional as well to help their curls thrive the best they can. This is why we are so excited to have Mia be able to join us here at Curlee Girlee and help all young curly girls to begin their hair journeys and embrace and love their curls!

Mia has also helped our original Curlee Girlee, Ari, with styling her hair plenty of times before. Mia is Ari’s favorite stylist to go to when in need of a cut and style. In fact, Curlee Girlee recently collaborated with Mia and the DevaCurl gang to promote love for curls. Ari was given a wonderful styling by Mia at the DevaChon salon in Manhattan. DevaCurl stylists like Mia love Curlee Girlee, and we are happy to have such a wonderful and influential partner to help girls everywhere learn to love and take care of their curls. We thank Mia and everyone at DevaCurl for promoting self-love for curly girls. Mia has helped Ari plenty with making her curls the best they can be, and we are lucky to have her here at Curlee Girlee to begin to help other girls just like Ari!


Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to read our recent article featuring charities that Curlee Girlee loves!

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