Curling your hair with a pencil: This may sound funny but it works!

Curling your hair with a pencil?!  REALLY?!   Is that actually something that can be successfully done?  Will it look actually look good?  I thought this sounded a bit strange when a friend with a curly daughter mentioned this to me.  But then I googled it and I realized this new and fun trend has been spreading across the internet and it involves curling your hair…with pencils! This trend may sound unusual, but plenty of girls have found that they love it and have tried it with amazing results and beautiful curls! While Curlee Girlees have been blessed with natural curls, this new pencil technique is a fun activity to try, especially if your daughter loves playing with her hair and trying new styles!

During the coronavirus being creative has new meaning so if your daughter loves to style her hair, this is an amazing activity to try with her! This idea is perfect to try out when staying indoors but will be just as perfect when we can go outside more and she can show offer her new style!

There are two ways to go about curling your hair with pencils: with or without using heat.

For our first option, we will be explaining how to use heat to achieve these curls. First, gather your supplies. Most importantly, you will need a classic wooden pencil (or more, just in case), a hair straightener, and some aluminum foil. You may also want to get some hairspray depending on how well your daughter’s hair holds styled curls. To begin, plug in the straightener and wait for it to heat up. Make sure to help your daughter with this activity as straighteners can get very hot and can cause burns if not careful! Take a section of hair about an inch thick and begin wrapping the section around the pencil. You can take a larger or smaller section of hair depending on how tight or how wide your daughter wants her curls to be. Smaller sections of hair will create smaller, tighter curls, while larger sections will create wider, ringlet-type curls. Wrap the hair around the pencil and then rotate the pencil and the hair until it reaches the head so that no part of the hair is left uncurled. Cut a strip of aluminum foil about two inches thick and as long as the pencil, then place it firmly over the hair on the pencil. Clamp the straightener in place around the covered pencil, making sure it has a firm grip on the hair. Hold it there for 3 to 5 seconds before taking the straightener away. Wait an additional 10 seconds before taking off the aluminum foil and pulling the pencil out of the hair. It is better to pull the pencil out rather than uncurling it from the hair since that may cause the curl to lose its shape. If done properly, you should now have a springy, coily lock of curled hair! Continue doing this for the rest of your daughter’s hair. Depending on her hair, this can take up to one to two hours so make sure you are both prepared! Make a day of it, put on some music, wear some comfy clothes, and get ready to have some fun girl time. This is a great time to catch up with your daughter and bond with her! Once all her hair has been curled with the pencil, carefully use your fingers to comb through the curls so that they look more natural. When your daughter is satisfied with how it looks, spray it with your favorite hairspray if you so choose, and now your daughter will have a cute new style of curls to show off!

colored pencils

The second way of doing this involves no heat but still brings about great results. For this option, you will need plenty of wooden pencils. The amount will depend on how thick or thin your daughter wants her curls, but you will need as many pencils as you have curls, so buy in bulk! Have your daughter wet her hair thoroughly. While it is still wet, take a section of hair about an inch thick and wrap it around the pencil, exactly as described in the first option. Rotate the pencil until it is against her head and pin the pencil into place with bobby pins. Continue to do this for the rest of her hair. As more pencils are added, this may become a bit tricky, so we suggest starting from the back and working toward the front for the easiest results. Make sure all the pencils are pinned securely in place and will not come loose, and let her hair dry for a minimum of two hours. This process can be quickened by using a hairdryer, but this step isn’t necessary. If your daughter is able too, she can also keep the pencils in overnight while she sleeps; this will allow even more time for the curls to set and will make them hold even longer. Try wrapping a headscarf around the pencils to make this more comfortable. Once the hair is dried using your preferred method, carefully begin taking the pins out and pulling the pencils from her hair. The results should be the same as the above option and she should have gorgeous new curls! Finger comb them gently and then spray with hairspray if desired.

With either option, the curls should hold for several hours, and even longer if you use hairspray. This technique can also be done with objects similar to wooden pencils, such as wooden chopsticks or thin wooden dowels that can be found at the craft store. This fun idea is great for getting dressed up and styled for a special occasion, or can be done to pamper your daughter and have a fun girls night in. This may also be a great idea to do to style her hair or have a spa day as we mentioned in our recent article on how to celebrate your child’s birthday during quarantine! No matter the occasion, your daughter is sure to love the results!

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