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I have been struggling with my curls for many years. I can’t seem to get defined curls that last all day and still haven’t really been able to find my curl type. When my hair is wet,  I love it. But as it starts drying, it shrinks then loses its shape and the ends frizz out and separate from being a curl.  My curl falls flat for the most part in the body. I can’t get a bounce to it.  My hair is really dry, damaged and now thinning. The only way it looks decent is if I flat iron it.  But I love to just wash and go.  Really though,  my wash and go only lasts a day.  I have to wash daily to get a little curl.  Please advise what I should do. I’ve added a few pictures that show a little of my hair. Thank you in advance for your help.
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Curly Girl Hair Tips Answered by our expert: Jarely of Faith in Curls 
Hi Keisha! Thank you for submitting your questions!
Okay I have a very simple solution for you. If you want your curls to look good and have soft, defined bounce then you need to stop flat ironing your hair. Based on the photos it’s evident there is breakage, dehydration, heat damage. You cannot expect your curls to revert and coil up when it’s been stretched and  fried by with the heat from flat ironing. You need to transition. Transitioning is basically a journey you start which allows you to gradually grow out straightened, damaged or relaxed hair. You need to make the conscious decision to stop the practices that got your hair into the position that it’s currently in.You won’t get nice looking curls that stay defined long term and have bounce until you give your hair a chance to breathe and grow fresh. Don’t manipulate it anymore. When I say you should transition I mean you should go at minimum 1 year worth out flat ironing it. When you flat iron it will always set your hair back. If you need tips on transitioning styles, go on YouTube you’ll find some. But above all you’ve just got to stop manipulating your hair. Don’t cut it for a year and be sure to see a curl specialist near you who won’t cut too much off when it’s the right time to cut the heat damage off. There aren’t products that specifically help transitioning hair. What will help your hair the most is not manipulating it.
Once your curls have grown out then you will reap the benefits that curly styling products offer like retaining moisture, achieving definition and soft bouncy hold. Give it time. And above be patient!
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