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My hair is kinky curly, 2 types of curl. Underneath is tight curls on top they loosen. The biggest issue is in the middle center top part, my hair does not want to curl. I don’t know if it’s due to years of flat irons or ponytails. Also lots of shrinkage. Help me figure this out.
– Angela Suarez
Hi, I have questions for you. How long has it been since you’ve flat ironed your hair?
If it’s been more than 3 years then your hair probably naturally has different curl patterns. If you pull your hair back a lot then you could be distorting your curl pattern. Anything you do to your hair with tension and repetitively will cause the curls to be distorted. Try to let your hair out as much as possible and let it blossom. Embrace the shrinkage and get some friends whose curls are like yours. They’re natural and no matter how much you fight the shrinkage it’ll always be there unless you chemically alter it. You’ll be a lot more free if you let it be.

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