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Question: My daughter is five and half years old and has very curly hair. I am trying to find a good conditioner that I can put in her hair that will keep her hair from getting so dry and frizzy. I am also interested in what shampoo and conditioner I can use in her hair in the summer to keep her from becoming brittle after swimming at camp. The chlorine makes her hair so unmanageable!  I would love any help in finding the right products that are kid-safe and I would prefer products that don’t have a strong smell. Oh and one last thing my daughter is also allergic to dairy so no milk protein in any of the products. Thank you, looking forward to reading your response!
I have attached pictures of the girl for your reference:
Answer and curly girl hair tips:  Your daughter is beautiful!  Based on how her hair looks in the photos you sent- the first and most important overlooked tip I recommend is your styling product and your application method. This will always be the determining factor of how the curls dry. Not based on what kind of conditioner you use.
While I’m not sure what climate your in (which greatly affects product choices) I can recommend a holy grail all-in-one styling product to use on her. It’s called Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. This product can be used alone and should be applied as directed. Apply on wet hair in sections, comb it through so that you minimize frizz. Then scrunch her hair and let her air dry. If you need a visual demonstration on how to apply products to her hair type you can find tutorials on my website.
Try not to let her sleep on wet hair because that is a recipe for mildew and scalp issues.
My recommendation for shampoo and conditioner would be
Malibu Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner! Use as directed.
I hope this helps!
Your Curlee Girlee Expert,

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