Curly Girl Salons in NYC and How to Find the Perfect Stylist in YOUR Area

Living in Manhattan, my Curlee Girlee Ari has had many wonderful experiences going to some of the country’s best salons for curly hair. We are lucky to live in such a thriving place filled with diverse experts who understand curly hair and how to cut and style it. We are frequent goers to well-known curly girl salons, Devachan and Ouidad, and love to use their products as well! We have compiled a list of five of the best salons we have found for curly girls living in the Big Apple. And below our list, you will find helpful tips on how to find a salon or hairstylist in your area who will understand exactly how to style and cut your curls to keep them healthy and looking gorgeous.

1. DevaChan 

DevaChan is a well-known name within the curl community, and with good reason! DevaChan is an amazing curl-based company with plenty of curl-specific salons around the city and beyond. They have their own line of high-quality products made for curly hair, and their website even has helpful tips and advice such as the Curl Quiz. Many hairdressers like to become DevaChan certified because their academy has perfected its techniques over the past 25 years of business.

2. Ouidad

Ouidad is one of the original curly girl salons and an expert in all things curly. They specialize in styling and cutting all types of curls, and you can get yours done at their flagship store in NYC at 37 W. 57th St, where they have their premier training academy and plenty of acclaimed master stylists. Ouidad also has its own line of products made specifically for many types of curly hair. Check out our recent video of my and Ari’s trip to an Ouidad salon to get her hair done. We have been Ouidad clients for years, and the staff is always so friendly and professional. We had a wonderful time filming there!

3. Hair Rules Salon

Hair Rules Salon is devoted to empowering and educating curly girls everywhere. They provide services and products for all types of hair as their salon stylists have been trained to understand all types of textures and curl types. They take the time to understand your hair’s unique needs for the best experience. They want their customers to leave their salon feeling confident about their curls and hair texture so it is something you can take pride in. They are located in Manhattan at 828 9th Avenue and they also have a Los Angeles location for all our West Coast curly girls.

4. The Salon by Ursula Stephen

The Salon by Ursula Stephen is a favorite among superstars such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Mary J. Blige, and Laverne Cox. This salon was founded by celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Ursula Stephen, who has been in this field for over 15 years and counting. The Salon is located at 66 Lafayette Ave in Brooklyn and boasts talented stylists who are skilled in styling, treating, and cutting all types and textures of hair.

5. Curls on Fifth

Curls on Fifth was featured in our article 50 Curly Influencers Making a Difference. This salon was founded by Joseph Boro, an artistic educator specializing in curly hair and former DevaChan stylist for 18 years. He and his passionate team of stylists have trained with some of the best in the hair business, including Deva, Redken, Sassoon, and L’Oreal professional. Appropriately named, this salon is on Fifth Avenue at 134 West 23 St.

curly hair salons DevaChan

Curlee Girlee Ari at one of her favorite curly hair salons DevaChan with stylist Mia!

We are aware, however, that a large majority of the Curlee Girlee family lives outside of NYC, all across the US, and even overseas! Regardless, we want all curly girls to be able to find an adept stylist who understands their unique hair traits, curl type, texture, and needs. The right tools and proper professional guidance will go a long way in boosting and maintaining a curly-haired child’s confidence. Finding a stylist who understands your individual needs and wants is key in helping you embrace your curls and let them thrive! Here are our tips on how to find the best curly girl salons and stylists near you.

As mentioned, we can’t recommend Devachan and Ouidad salons enough. Luckily, you may be able to find an Ouidad salon or a Devachan stylist near you! If you live in the US or Canada, you can use the Ouidad salon locator to find which one of their multiple locations is nearest to you. You can also use Devachan’s salon locator to find salon locations throughout the US and Canada. They also have a retailer locator feature, where you can find most of their products being sold in retail stores such as Ulta Beauty and Target or in local hair salons.

When it comes to finding a local stylist near you, word of mouth does wonders. Ask your curly friends, neighbors, family, who they go to, what their experiences were like, etc. Keep an eye out for curly hair cuts and styles that you love out in public. Everyone loves a compliment on their hair! And curly girls all understand the struggle of maintaining hair and finding good stylists, so if you run into someone with a beautiful cut that you admire, tell them how great it looks, and strike up a conversation about where they got their hair done! Curly girls are always willing to help each other out because they understand each other like no one else.

Try doing some internet research by searching for salons and stylists near you. It is important to put some time and effort into this and go through all the reviews left y customers. See what other curly folks have said about the salon and see if they recommend a specific stylist.

Once you find a stylist you think may be a good fit, set up a consultation, ask to speak with them over the phone, or message them if they have social media. It is best to get a sense of who they are and what they do before you let them at your curls. Tell them about your specific struggles and needs and make sure they understand; you want to find a stylist who will take the time to get to know you and your curls individually since all curls are unique and need care and attention in different ways. Ask them for advice and about their techniques since some stylists have their own techniques. For example, Devachan stylists are trained to cut curly hair dry so that they are better able to understand how the curl will fall. Good stylists will understand different curl types and textures, will know what cuts will look good for what face shapes, and they will know when to refuse something the client wants that would result in hair damage and will be able to supply alternative suggestions. Ultimately, you want to find a stylist who knows what they are doing, specifically when it comes to curly hair, and you definitely want to find someone who cares about both you, understands your curls’ uniqueness, and can cater to them to keep you feeling confident and happy!


Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to check out our recent article on What to Do or Say if Your Daughter is Showing Signs of Hating Her Curly Hair.

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