Curly Hair is Always Tangled

Question: My granddaughter says her curly hair is always tangled, this can be so frustrating and difficult to manage… is there a fix for this? -Debbie H.
Answer: It is hard to say for sure what her hair needs without seeing it. Here’s some things I believe will help with her hair not tangling as much: getting a trim to cut off split ends which cause tangles, learn how to properly style her curls in a way that would help keep hair untangled, ensure you’re thoroughly detangling the hair on wash day, don’t go more than 4 days without washing/conditioning/restyling her hair. The longer you go the more tangled her hair will be.

For more curly girl hair tips listen to this podcast here with Martino Cartier, stylist to the stars and founder of Wigs and Wishes!  Martino provides a fantastic hair tip and tell us about his legacy which always brings curly girls back to empowerment.  Understanding our legacy and those that came before us will empower us and our curly girls to understand the importance of their hair and the special role their hair plays in who they are!

For fun things to do with your younger curly girl download our FREE downloadable coloring pages here

Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to check out our recent article on What to Do or Say if Your Daughter is Showing Signs of Hating Her Curly Hair.

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