Curly Hair Model, Rhoni: Meet our curlee girlee of the week- Rohini

Hi my name is Rohini and I am a computer science major at the University of Illinois. I’m born and raised in North Carolina. I’m self taught in many subjects such as guitar as well as computer programming. I really enjoy design thinking and product design and would love to combine this with computer science. Ultimately, after graduation, I would like to work at a company that uses technology for social good.

When I was younger I did not fully embrace my curly hair. My natural hair often is tangled, hard to maintain, and most products are not geared towards people with curly hair. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned to embrace my hair! Recently I’ve even tried out new things such as cutting it and dying it.

Some advice I’d give to my 7 year old self would be:
– Don’t be afraid to try new things with your hair and in life. My favorite hair accessory is the headband and I’ve even made some by myself. It is so easy to make DIY headbands and I would recommend you to try and make some of your own! Not just headbands but also hair bows or other hair accessories!
– Take care of your hair. I personally like using coconut oil on my hair to keep it healthy.
– Invest in your hair! Go to hair stylists or professionals who really understand how to cut hair. I went to very generic hair care places for years and ended up with uneven hair!

My Curlee hair idol is Zendaya. I love how she styles her hair and her fashion sense in general! It is great to have a brand like Curlee Girlee to help young girls embrace their curls!

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