Curly haired Twins: Hallie and Harlie!

Hallie and Harlie are 8-year-old curly haired twins all the way from London, UK. They are currently in year 4, and love being in the same class. They often play tricks on their new class teacher! Hallie’s favourite film is Scooby-Doo. She’s passionate about acting, singing, and dancing and attends Theatre school. In her spare time she enjoys using TikTok and skateboarding as well as meeting up with friends. Harlie’s favourite film is Ghostbusters. Harlie attends theatre school, too, and is really passionate about singing: she sings herself to sleep and will sing to anyone who listens! Both girls’ favorite artist is Ariana Grande. Hallie’s favourite quote is “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough” and Harlie’s favourite is “Treat people how you want to be treated!”

Hallie has bouncy curls and enjoys wearing her hair down especially for special occasions such as parties. Harlie has bouncy curls as well, but the texture of her hair is different from Hallie’s. They get their curls from Mum’s side of the family! They’ve always used Kera Care leave-in conditioner which isn’t too heavy for their hair which they highly recommend. Their dad styles their hair a lot of the time, which they are happy with! They both prefer to wear their hair down for school because they like to let it breathe, and they say that their hair gets knotty when it’s tied up!

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