Davide Di Giorgio addresses the importance of our souls, confidence, and more!

Davide Di Giorgio – Tedx speaker, best selling author, motivational speaker.  David coined two phrases that I absolutely love: “comparanoia” and “being unapologetic”.  

Listening to Davide’s Tedx talk was like listening to your wisest friend give you advice.  It was calming, smart, and mostly just… true. We know that comparing ourselves to others is bad.  We know that children suffer from this tenfold and that the harm this does to their soul can be so difficult to undo. We know as parents and educators we need to teach them that comparing themselves to others is counter to their uniqueness.  These are things we know or at least we are supposed to know. But listening to Davide talk about so many important topics in both a light-hearted fun way and a deep soulful manner is somehow more impactful than just knowing.  His calm voice and his trusting non-judgemental demeanor make his advice feel less like advice and more like things your grandmother always told you when she braided your hair or made you hot chocolate or helped you tie your shoes for the first time.  

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Davide is an author, a speaker, an educator,  but he is so much more, listen to this episode and you will know exactly what I mean. Listen to his podcast here

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