Freezing Your Eggs at 40: Jacey Lambros tells her story!

Jacey Lambros is a celebrity trainer and fitness expert responsible for crafting the ever-evolving methodology at Jane DO. A NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, Jacey also holds a Pilates certification from the esteemed Kane School of Core Integration. Other qualifications have included group fitness, TRX suspension, and barre based fitness techniques. Her passion for fitness is matched only by her passion for dance. As a nine year veteran of the Radio City Rockettes she discovered the power of female collaboration and first met her now business partner, Danielle DeAngelo. Jacey has been featured on Dancing with the Stars, in Disney’s feature film, Enchanted, The NBA All-Star dance team and in commercials including Apple & Macy’s.

Show Notes

[01:45] Jacey’s background

  • Spent the last 5 years pursuing her passion for fitness through the brand Jane DO.
  • A ten- year veteran of the Radio City Rockettes

[02:40] Freezing her eggs

  • Jacey didn’t belived that our internal aging was a real thing but got proven wrong
  • You may look amazing at the outside but our insides aren’t

[04:48] Advice for women who doesn’t want to freeze eggs yet

  • Do not wait. There isn’t time.
  • Just because you’ve freezen your eggs, it’s not a 100% guarantee

[06:45] The process of retrieving and freezing eggs

  • They will first asses your AMH level and number of follicles
  • Based on a number of factors, they can show how many eggs could be retrieved.
  • They will give oral medicine to produce as many follicles as possible for two weeks.
  • Every couple of days, you’ll go back to the doctor to monitor the follicles.
  • After getting the eggs, they get frozen and stored in a secured facility.

[17:10] New things coming out for rejuvenating female reproductive health
[20:10] Why nobody’s talking about freezing their eggs
[20:45] How much does it cost to freeze an egg

  • Save from $8000-$12000 for 1 round
  • The more eggs you retrieve, the higher chance that the pregnancy will be successful

[21:32] Choosing a good doctor for this procedure

  • Convenience is key because you will go back and forth to the doctor

[22:18] What is Jane DO?

  • They have 5 brick and mortar studios
  • Their goal is to create the largest community of the most powerful women
  • Started around 2015 and self-funded

We hope you enjoyed this episode and learned valuable information on freezing your eggs at 40, for additional Episodes about Emmy award winner television producers listen here

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