Going to School During Covid

Do you want to know what in-person school is really like?  From real kids?  During Corona?!!  Listen to Elie and Ari, two of my adorable children who are in middle and lower school in person!  You will get the real scoop straight from those in the actual trenches!  Elie and Ari discuss going to school during Covid, including recess, wearing a mask all day and social distancing in the classroom!  Whether your child is learning virtually or in person, you won’t want to miss this episode on what it’s really like going to school during Covid.


Going to School During Covid- Show Notes

02:12 – Ari and Elie’s experience of in-person schooling after months being at home

  • Both kids felt great and was able to meet her friends again and it feels like it’s back to normal

03:37 – The changes in the school’s dynamic compared to what it was back in March

  • It’s weird to think about social distancing and wearing masks among each other
  • You cannot see other classes like you can before

04:23 – Ari explains the school’s “pod” system

  • A learning pod is a group of 10 students who you can only interact with.
  • During recess, they put a curtain up so they wont be next to a different class
  • On Elie’s end, it’s hard but he’s glad that he along with his friends belong to the same learning pod

06:40 – The kids’ biggest memory difference between this year and last year

  • According to Elie, teachers were more relaxed last year. But now, they are now vigilant, making sure that students are wearing their masks and obeying social distancing
  • Ari said she can’t see other students from a different class and it feels like she’s not friends with them anymore.

07:44 – How to maintain friendships with other friends despite the pandemic

  • Set up play dates where chairs were six feet apart but still can talk to each other
  • Playing monopoly on Zoom with Ari’s grandma

10:15 – Trying to make things feel normal in and out of school

  • After school activities are now on Zoom. It’s kind of annoying but it’s better than nothing
  • There are some classes that are less important on Zoom but in the classroom

13:01 – Fun classroom activities during Covid

  • Since they’ve been sitting in the classroom a lot, some teachers will do push ups or jumping jacks with them
  • For Ari, you can get snacks if you do some activities
  • Lunch times are now in classrooms now instead of the lunchroom where you can sit with other friends

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