Happy B-day to our Curly Hair Model! Curlee Girlee of the Week

Today’s Curlee Girlee of the Week is very special.  All of our curlee girlees (and curlee boys) are special but this one is really close to my heart.  Today we are featuring Aderet, my oldest child and big sister to the original curlee girlee, Ari!  Aderet is a model, a dancer, she sings, she has a a flair for languages and can imitate just about any accent.  Yet Aderet is quiet by nature and shy at her core.  She is so many wonderful things  She is kind, poised, soft spoken, gentle and graceful.  She possesses so many wonderful qualities and enjoys so many varied activities and hobbies.  Nobody can make me laugh as hard as I do as when I am with my oldest child. When I see her face my heart literally swells up with love.  Aderet you are growing up to be an amazing person, I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for you as you make your way!   Aderet, I adore you more than words can say, Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to this special curly girl model, may all your dreams come true and when disappointments occur and rough patches in the road present, as they inevitably will, may you have the reservoir of strength and support, to rise above them and face them head on, turning challenges into opportunities!

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