Jace Chapman- Healing Powers of Dude Star

If you haven’t heard the name Jace Chapman yet, I promise you will!  Jace was the hit of the acclaimed Netflix series, Healing Powers of Dude, which tackles anxiety in children in a whole new way.  Jace is a self motivated actor, mountaineer and oldest party of five!  He has climbed and reached Summits at age 11,  helped save his dad’s life and wants to use his influence to help those less fortunate realize their dreams.  Where do you find a child like this??  Jace Chapman- we are really excited to see what the world has in store for you!

Jace Chapman Healing Powers of Dude Show Notes


[01:41] Jace’s decision at 10 years old to become an actor and how it manifested

  • Jace’s dream is to become an actor and he’s willing to do everything to pursue it
  • It was his idea to go into Craigslist and search for roles
  • Jace was so motivated during auditions. He swept everything and ended up getting

[06:10] The moment Jace got the role for the Netflix show, The Healing Powers Of Dude

  • That moment was the most incredible feeling he experienced
  • It was utter euphoria when he knew got the role
  • Getting the role for the Netlix show is the biggest acting break he got

[09:00] A typical day on set of The Healing Powers Of Dude

  • Jace heads over their trailer, puts on his costume and makeup, and then immediately off to the grind the whole day
  • He volunteered to be like a janitor to clean up just to stay in the set
  • Trevor was proud of his son for being able to find his passion at an early age of 10

[12:19] Jace’s dreams to bring kindness to the world

  • He wants to have a platform big enough where he can influence other people’s lives who are less fortunate and inspire them thru his experience

[13:33] Jace’s interest in mountaineering and their terrifying experience

  • Trevor wanted Jace to forge his own identity. They go to different mountains as a rite of passage
  • Jace was able to help his father get off the summit when he collapsed and felt Pulmonary edema

[22:48] Jace’s favorite country and future plans

  • He loves Tanzania. They are the happiest people he ever meant
  • Their family is currently planning their 10-year world travel depending on the countries that will re-open after the pandemic.


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