Jakeson Rocks his 4A Springy Type Curls

Jakeson is a very active soon to be three-year-old boy, with a bright smile, brown eyes, and fun and vibrant personality with a heart of gold. Jakeson enjoys coloring, playing with his race cars, as well as playing baseball, riding his bike and four-wheeler! He’s an outside type of kid so swimming is a favorite task as well. Jakeson’s curls are the 4A Springy type. He is the first in the family on both sides to possess these curls. He often dresses in Dressy Casual clothes such as polos and Khakis, but is also a big fan of Sportswear such as basketball shorts and T-shirts or muscle shirts! Jakeson sometimes enjoys wearing his hair in various braided hairstyles because the ends still curl into a springy coil type. His curls possess a natural blonde tint to them which he got from his mother who has natural blonde hair. He looks up to his Papa, Daddy, and Uncles and tries to be just like them. Caring for his hair isn’t too bad since he has his mother’s fine texture of hair, combing it every night with detangler, and wearing a tight wrap or ponytail helps control the curls when sleeping.

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