Jane Green Books! NYT Best selling author

Jane Green Books!  NY Times Best selling Author, mom of six and all around fascinating person!  Jane Green  is a woman of myriad talents.  Jane has been part of the ABC News Team, has had her own show on BBC Radio London and regularly appears on TV and radio.  As if  being a 17x  NYT Best  Selling Author isn’t  enough of an accomplishment, Jane Green turned her hobby of cooking into a true art when she graduated from the International Culinary Institute of New York , amateur decorator and passionate gardener. As a mom of SIX how does she find the time??? Find out in this week’s Episode!


Jane Green Books! NYT Best Selling Author Show Notes:


[02:20] Living with six young adults in the house

  • Children ranges from 16- 26
  • Disadvantage: Cleaning up is an ongoing challenge in the house
  • Cleaning up as you go is the key

[07:16] The challenge of having kids eat healthy food

  • An effective way to make kids enjoy vegetable is to make them plant it
  • Start them young – get them chopping
  • Family meals to have a role model

[10:35] Is Jane Introvert?

  • Jane is married to an introvert and yet he finds people energizing
  • Jane adores being with people but finds it exhausting

[14:00] How Jane’s kids are dealing with today’s lack of socialization

  • 3 of her kids are huge introverts and the other half are extroverts
  • Her kids kept themselves busy – they cook, workout, bike rides, etc
  • They’re even more productive than Jane!

[16:12] Suggestion to parents who are feeling stuck amidst the pandemic

  • Restricting news makes life better – don’t go down the spiral of negativity
  • Be present for your kids. Carve out a couple of times a day where you have your full attention to your kids
  • Make sure that your time with them is “quality time”

[19:51] Jane’s latest novel “Friends We Keep” and the inspiration behind it

  • Jane realized that her life is much more isolated than she expected
  • Jane felt lonely despite being in touch with friends
  • What would it be like to live with all your friends as adults
  • It’s a story about friends who got reunited and someone is carrying a secret that threatens their friendship

[24:90] The process of dividing her time between writing and taking care of her kids

  • She worked at home first when she had her first child.
  • The most important character trait for being a writer is discipline
  • Anyone can start a book, but the hardest part is ending one and it can be hard when raising a family

[28:00] Jane’s upcoming first non-fiction book

  • It’s a part-memoir, part-prescriptive
  • A compilation of what inspired her throughout her career

[32:55] All about Jane’s pink hair and how it happened

  • Jane is turning 52 and spent a long time trying to fit it
  • She realized that she don’t really know who she really is and maybe now is the time to find out
  • She called her daughter to buy pink hair dye and she loved it
  • Jane spent the last couple of years on what’s her look and style

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