Kali’s Favorite Hairstyle: Little Girl Braids With Beads

Curlee Girlee of the Week is Kali! She just turned 5 a few weeks ago but her mom Shenika runs her account. Kali’s favorite styles are little girl braids with bead; she really loves beads! It’s her signature. Her mom says that she loves when she wears little girl braids with beads as her hairstyle!

Kali is currently homeschooled but will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. Her favorite activity is painting and crafting. She loves to make up her own songs, she’s always singing but she loves Beyonce. She even dressed up as her for Halloween a few times and went viral on social media! She also loves doing her Affirmation Monday’s which she does every week on Instagram to help her followers start off the week with positivity She and her 8 year old sister Kyra (@kyra_milan) run their own online shop Koily Kurls (@koily_kurls) which they do almost everything for. It’s an online shop that sells curly hair and accessories that they love and use.

Kali’s mom says that her curl type is 4B but they try not to focus on hair type as they are more focused on hair health. Kali was born with a lot of hair by 6 months: it was already past her nose! By the time she turned one years old, her hair reached the middle of her back. Her older sister Kyra (@kyra_milan) is a natural hair influencer so this is why Kali loves to show off her curls and do styling videos. Kali mostly keeps her hair in braids because it is so long and thick and tends to get tangled easily. Every week we do a new style then post it on Instagram for style inspo for her growing following.

The best advice Kali can give is deep condition weekly, now that she incorporates it into her weekly routine: it’s become second nature! She and her mother always do a 10 minute scalp massage with the deep conditioner in her hair using the Kurly Shampoo Brush from Koily Kurls. This not only relaxes her but it also helps get the blood flowing and promotes hair growth. Since Kali wears a lot of braided hairstyles, her mother makes sure her hair is well moisturized so that there’s no breaking and her curls are protected.

Kali washes and conditions her hair weekly. She deep conditions her hair first with heat for 30 minutes because she says that it’s a process. She normally mixes up a regular conditioner with coconut oil and applies it to her hair. For shampoo, she only uses J Organics Solutions Kids. Kali and her mom love their whole product line: they say it’s great for kids with curly hair!

At night, Kali sleeps with a satin bonnet from her shop Koily Kurls and she sleeps on a satin pillowcase from there as well. If her hair is out, she just stuffs it under the bonnet and in the morning, she fluffs it out. If she has braids, Kali’s mom oils her scalp and puts some edge control to lay her edges. Her mom’s tip for making a style last at night would be using a satin bonnet and satin pillowcase, as they are a must-have for curly kids and curly adults, too!

Kali’s mom is teaching Kali to love herself the way she is, which includes her big curly hair! She makes sure that Kali knows her hair is perfect just the way it is and that her hair doesn’t have to be straight to be considered beautiful. When Kali’s mom was growing up, she always straightened her hair, but she wants her daughter to know that she doesn’t have to unless she wants to!

You can follow Kali on Instagram @koily_kali!

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