Kendall Recommends Coconut Oil for Curly Hair!

In this week’s feature, we have 9 year old social media influencer, Kendall as our Curlee Girlee of the Week! Although she is just 9 years old, her mother has shared so many wonderful things about her. Below, you will find her mother’s answers to the set of questions we provided to give insight into what Kendall loves to do in her free time as well as what she is interested in, how Kendall’s mother manages her daughter’s curly hair, and some curly hair management tips Kendall’s mom recommends, including using coconut oil for curly hair. These tips can be passed on to other curly haired boys and girls, as well as their parents who take care of their hair, around the world that struggle with their beautiful head of curls and seek guidance on how to better manage them.


1) Introduce yourself!  What is your age, grade, favorite books, movies, favorite quote, song? What is her favorite school subject? Favorite activity? Favorite thing to do in her free time? 

Meet our Curlee Girlee of the Week: Kendall! She is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. Her favorite types of books to read are fantasy, fiction, action and chapter books. Right now her favorite book to read is Ally’s Mad Mystery: it is a Descendants book. Her favorite movie right now is Avengers :Age of Ultron. Kendall’s favorite quote is “Kindness is a gift that everyone can afford.” Her favorite song is Black Magic by Little Mix. Her favorite school subject is Math, and her favorite activities are doing makeup, baking and sewing. In her free time, Kendall loves to dance and swim.


2) Your curls! What is your hair curl type? If you don’t know, please check out our reference page here.  

Kendall’s curly hair type is a mixture of 3c/4a.


3. Who else in your family has curly hair? Check out our family tree here which is a fun and educational way to trace the legacy of your hair! 

Kendall’s mom says that she has really curly hair. She also has multiple curl patterns like Kendall but she says that her curly hair is more of a coily curl.


4)  How do you like to wear your hair? 

Kendall’s mom says that Kendall loves to wear her hair in ponytails and braids. It is easier to manage but she loves the way it looks when she wears it curled.


5) How would you define your style?  (ie, are you a dress up girl, more casual, love to be fancy etc.  What is your favorite style for school, for dressing up, for each season, etc.

Kendall loves to wear skirts, she is very girly, and she still loves all styles of dress up as well as casual. Unfortunately, Kendall wears uniforms to school so she mostly loves to accessorize her school uniform with cute jackets and shoes to match, and she can’t forget to wear her belts and headbands! For dressing up, Kendall would rather wear dresses for sure with really nice jewelry and purses to accessorize.


6) Hair care tips!  What are some hair care tips you can share for taking care of your curly hair? Best advice for kids with curly hair? 

Kendall washes her hair once a week and uses coconut oil for curly hair to help add moisture. Kendall’s mom thinks that this is very important and she helps her daughter stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Kendall’s mom also loves to deep condition her daughter’s hair.


7) What do you wash and condition your hair with? How often? 

Right now Kendall is washing her hair with a Vegan Shampoo and Kendall’s mom makes a protein mask for her. She washes once a week. If she does not have those on hand, Kendall would use Pureology hydrate shampoo with her mom’s conditioner.


8) How often do you wash your hair and why?

Kendall washes her hair once a week. She likes to hydrate her hair, so even though she only washes once a week due to time and school, Kendall’s mom hydrates her curls with oils throughout the week.


9) Are you a morning hair washer or an evening washer, why?

Kendall washes whenever she can get the time to do so or in the evening in the shower if her mom lets her.


10) If you do your hair at night and sleep on it, what do you do in the morning? Any tips for making the style last overnight?

Kendall sleeps with a satin cap and in the morning she uses a small amount of water from a spray bottle and moisturizer to refresh her curls. If Kendall’s hair is straight, her mom will use a silk scarf to tie Kendall’s hair up at night and just remove it in the morning.


11) Has curly hair impacted your child and her self-image, please provide details on her “hair journey”.  Did she always love her hair or was it something that happened over time?

Kendall has always loved her hair. She has been exposed to different hair types and is now at the age where she truly appreciates many different textures.


12) Have you read our Curlee Girlee book series?  If not get your copy by clicking here. Our Curlee Girlee books were written to ensure that all curly girls belong to our Curlee Girlee family and learn to love and embrace their curls understanding that their hair is part of a greater legacy they share with those who came before them and will one day share with those who come after.

We are planning on getting a copy very soon! Looking forward to reading the book!


Kendall is a curly headed, instagram influencer with a following of 27.4K+ people, as well as our Curlee Girlee of the Week! You can find and follow Kendall on her instagram @kendallchronicles


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