London Shares Many of her Favorite Curly Hair Products for Kids

London Audrey is a 3-year-old curly girl with a big personality. London is from North Carolina.  She is Scottish Irish, and African American. London is between a 3A and a 3B curl type. She has tried many curly hair products for kids but a few have stuck with her as household favorites. She uses different products for different results. She uses the tear-free shampoo/condition in one by kaleidoscope kids hair products for wash day. She refreshes her hair with the miracle spray throughout the week. She also loves to switch it up with Rizo’s curls deep conditioner as a pre-wash. The definition in the swirl in the curls are amazing & when she wants to do a protective style to lock in moisture she uses the just-be-unique hair butter.

London’s mom’s hair tip to all moms of curly girls would be to be patient with the ends of the hair and use more water and less products. Her motto is, “Less is best when it comes to being a natural.”

London currently attends pre-school. She loves to dance and sing and make everyone laugh. Her favorite tv show is Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. London’s a little Tom-girl. She enjoys playing rough-house with dad and when she’s with mom, she loves to dress up and get girly. The weekends are when she gets all styled up and that’s when she gets her signature poses on for the camera. London is pretty flawless when it comes to confidence, never any room for hesitation!

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