Making Masks at Home and Embracing Alopecia At The Same Time

Face masks are becoming commonplace during this time of Covid-19.  Online they are often sold out for months to come and if you are able to purchase them- they are selling for astronomical sums, often ten times what they would have sold for just a few months ago.  Rosie Quinn, an 8 year old with a big heart and an equally big vision had an idea. She could help make face masks just as she has been helping to make head scarves. Within a few short weeks she and her mom turned their head scarf production into mask-production and today over 300 face masks have been sold, with proceeds donated to hospitals.  Read more to find out how one little girl with alopecia is making masks at home and embracing Alopecia at the same time!


What do you do when your child’s hair is all over her pillow and falling out in clumps?  Rosie Quinn is an 8-year-old girl that has become an amazing role model for children and adults of all ages. Diagnosed with the autoimmune disease alopecia when she was  just two years old, Rosie has risen to the challenge of looking different than those around her and helping others learn to embrace themselves just as they are. At Curlee Girlee we share this mission of loving our unique selves and accepting ourselves with all our differences.Five years later, Rosie is a happy well adjusted child who likes to laugh and play and is also very artistic. Rosie loves school and all her friends and is described by her parents as a happy, kind, and brave child. 

Among Rosie’s many talents is her passion for art.  A few years ago, Rosie’s moms turned one of her artworks into a headscarf.  Rosie so loved this head adornment that she decided she needed to share it with other bald children.  Rosie begged her mom to help her “What about the other bald kids? We should make these for all the bald kids who look like me. Can we do that?”  Rosie’s mom remembers Rosie constantly asking her to help with this endeavour In 2016 Paula quit her job at Google and together she and young daughter launched “Coming Up Rosies,” an online store where you can upload your child’s artwork and Rosie will turn it into a beautiful headscarf. Rosie’s  mission is “to restore confidence, happiness and pride to anyone struggling with low self-esteem during their medical journey, especially bald children. Our vision is a world where every child goes to sleep proud of their differences.” Proceeds and donations from these sales are used to donate  “smile kits.” These kits contain canvas, markers, and paints and are given to children’s hospitals around the country. Children in these hospitals can paint and customize their very own head scarves, neck scarves and superhero capes. 

On her website “Coming Up Rosies,” Rosie details her dream: “My dream is that all bald kids like me can love themselves and be proud of their unique difference. Hopefully, the head scarf, neck scarf or super hero cape will make them feel confident about their look, and turn awkward conversations about their differences into a happy one. I want to help kids to love themselves just the way they are, and to make them smile.” 

With the help of her supportive mom Paula, Rosie’s business is now an established nonprofit and has, to date,  donated over 1500 smile kits to 20 children’s hospitals. Rosie has also won numerous awards such as the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heros and the Purple Paladin Prize.

 During this time of fighting the coronavirus, Rosie’s altruism is still apparent. Now, “Coming Up Rosies” has a new initiative to match this time of need where for each head scarf purchased,  Rosie will donate a head scarf. These headscarves can be used as non-surgical face masks when you leave your house. You can pick from one of Rosie’s designs, or let Rosie pick a design for you from one of her five talented artists featured on her website.  ! Moreover, 100% of the proceeds from this initiative goes towards non-surgical masks for heath care professions as well as children and families at children’s hospitals. You can also choose to directly donate a head scarf to a family.   Making Masks at home and embracing alopecia at the same time:  Rosie Quinn- you are truly remarkable and we here at Curlee Girlee are so happy to help spread the word on your behalf!  

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